20 July, 2024

Number Plate Cloning: A Costly Menace for UK Motorists

Number plate cloning has become an alarming trend in the UK, causing financial burdens and legal troubles for countless innocent drivers, according to warnings from number plate experts.

Plates4less, a division of VRM Swansea, has raised the red flag as they receive over 50 calls every week from drivers who have fallen victim to plate-cloning criminals, resulting in fines and legal actions against them.

This growing trend enables criminals to engage in fuel theft, access congestion zones, evade speeding tickets, and indulge in other illegal activities without consequence.

Antony Clark, the Marketing Manager at Plates4less, commented, “The number plate cloning has surged drastically in the past two years, inundating us with calls from affected drivers. We receive between 50 and 100 calls every single week from car owners seeking personalised number plates to dissociate themselves from the cloned registration mark.”

To tackle the issue, Plates4less offers a cost-effective solution in the form of cover plates, allowing people to change their vehicle’s registration mark with a non-personalised combination.

Repeatedly dealing with fines from different enforcement agencies can be a time-consuming and frustrating ordeal for car owners, driving many to opt for plate changes as a swift resolution.

Based in Swansea, Plates4less is dedicated to assisting clients from the UK and Northern Ireland in buying and selling private plates.

Antony further expressed concern about unscrupulous companies and individuals involved in manufacturing and selling number plates, often operating on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Neglecting to verify the buyer’s legal right to obtain a set of plates is a violation of legal requirements designed to aid law enforcement agencies.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Plates4less prides itself on building trust with customers, who repeatedly return for their reliable service.

“We prioritise solving problems without employing hard sell tactics. Our commitment extends beyond business, and we go above and beyond to assist customers, especially those who have fallen prey to criminals—an awful experience for anyone,” Antony affirmed.

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