20 July, 2024

Online Marketing Tactics To Get More Clients For Your Business

Running a business is a balancing act and finding new clients can be a constant struggle, especially as your up to neck in work already…

And yet, you should be continually looking for new business, even when you’re really busy. There are a number of reasons for this such as your dream client can come along at any time and getting new clients gives you options such as raise your rates or dropping clients you’re not satisfied who either don’t pay or who you’re constantly chases for overdue payments.

There are a wealth of online marketing tactics you can use to get new clients through the internet. But you need to avoid getting overwhelmed by deciding which tactics are best for you and the how to start implementing these tactics and reap the rewards.

Which means you need to clarify your goals and be as specific as possible, stating how you would d like to go about getting clients and how many clients you’d like to gain.

Your Website: Include your URL everywhere you appear online and offline and when  potential customers visit your website you have to immediately get and hold their attention, interest and engage them and tell them what’s unique about your business and offers from their viewpoint. In addition, ask your current or former customers for reviews and case study testimonials and Use a call to action to get prospects to sign up to your email list with a free offer or direct them to your sales and purchase page.

Social Media: Search for terms a potential client may use when looking for your products and services and search for terms and keywords that these clients might be using themselves. Then connect with them and add them as your contacts and send an introductory message. This is especially a great way to add connections on the business platform, LinkedIn. Also make sure people know who you are, your story and what you have to offer interns of their needs. You can also participate in social groups such as Facebook, but reach out and help people first and be honest and don’t try to sell too soon.

Blogging: It’s a good idea to create your own blog platform, add a blog to your website or write as a guest blogger. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential client and write about the key topics that interest them.

Email Marketing: You can create email lists from your existing clients and also Place ads using Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to attract new clients onto your list by giving you their email and name.  Send your subscribers regular informational newsletters, stories, educational articles and e-books if your good at writing longer product reports. Just make sure you don’t over sell. Once they stay as email subscribers you create links to make some special offers. And if you find someone whose audience is also your potential audience you can partner up to promote to your list jointly or ask them to become an affiliate.

Webinars and Podcasts: Your email list is also a great way to get people interested in your webinars and podcasts by figuring out and choosing topics that your audience wants and then plan the format around that. These can be educational to teach them about your products and services or to help them grow their own businesses. Include a call to action towards the end of your broadcasts with a valuable offer. Put your podcast in iTunes and Zoom is now a user friendly and cheaper way to run webinars, though there are other popular options such as Go To Webinar.

Make Videos: Video equipment today has become not only less expensive, but the technology is much easier to use and edit. Most people now just use their iPhone or iPad. Create instructional videos provide help and value and make them short and easy to get the main points for what they mean to your audience.  Then you can share your videos on social media sites and YouTube.

Next Steps: Go through each of the tactics listed above and ask yourself which ideas you could use that would potentially get you more clients. Then decide if these tactics could be worked into the marketing campaigns in your business, and if so, start off with a handful of tactics that are best for you, test them out, monitor your results and gradually add one or two more as you get successes.

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