13 June, 2024

Osprey Launches Coaching Service for Business-Running Couples

Osprey, led by Gillian Andale, a leader in the fields of business and relationship consultancy, announces a novel service dedicated to couples managing businesses together. This service is crafted to help such couples navigate the turbulent waters of their business life while ensuring their personal relationship remains harmonious.

The program, termed the Relationship Harmony Formula, focuses on three key aspects: Identity, Finding Their North Star, and Staying in Their Lanes. It offers a unique methodology for business owners who struggle to balance their professional and personal lives. The mentoring is available through online Zoom sessions or in-person meetings, catering specifically to couples with a business turnover exceeding £1 million.

Osprey supports entrepreneurs and business partners in recognising the vital role that investment in relationships plays alongside business growth. Gillian Andale, with her extensive background of over 40 years in the corporate world, traversing 40 countries, is the driving force behind Osprey.

Gillian’s career has been marked by significant achievements, including authorship of best-selling books on Amazon, a reputation as an international speaker, and 25 years dedicated to the study of human behaviour. Her consultancy’s emphasis on family businesses is influenced by her personal life, where she has navigated a blended family with six children and ran a consulting service with her husband.

Post her return from assignments in China and Japan in 2018, Gillian shifted her focus from corporate life to small business support. Over the last four years in the UK, Osprey has seen substantial growth, particularly in aiding small and medium-sized businesses.

Gillian’s commitment to mentoring and personal development is evident in her £50,000 investment in elite mentoring, entrepreneurial training, and business development during the pandemic.

Gillian shares, “Osprey aims to bring about transformative results, saving marriages and businesses from disaster while positively impacting children and fostering harmonious relationships. Our consultancy has already witnessed significant growth among its current clients, attributing success to a life by design rather than by default.”

She emphasises the importance of relationship quality in influencing life and family dynamics. Osprey advises couples to envision their desired life and align their business goals accordingly.

Gillian Andale invites couples in business together to experience the transformative journey with Osprey.

For further information, contact Gillian Andale at gillian@osprey.vip.


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