18 July, 2024

Polish personal injury claims in Preston

When you’re looking for a lawyer for Polish personal injury claims in Preston, Chorley, Rivington, Blackburn and the broader Lancashire area, personal injury specialists are here to help you.

Polish personal injury lawyers are experts in helping the Polish community to obtain the compensation that they deserve for personal accident cases. Injury lawyers recognise that language barriers can exist for our Polish community in Chorley, which can discourage them from pursuing compensation that they are due in personal injury cases. These services are here to overcome that barrier, and to provide a friendly, expert, highly professional and supportive service.

Polish personal injury claims in Preston

Personal injury claims are made when an individual has experienced physical or psychological harm to their person. These types of claims are made on an individual basis, rather than concerning property damage.

Different types of personal injury claim

There are different kinds of personal injury claims, but the most common tend to be made for negligence, and it’s important to know that there is a three-year limit to this type of claim. In fact, it’s important to act quickly if you do think you have a personal injury claim, as there are strict legal limits that apply to all of these cases. You can find out more about this at your local Citizens Advice Bureau, or contact a personal injury lawyer in your area – particularly one which has language expertise with the Polish community, and which can provide targeted, helpful advice that allows you to pursue your claim.

Why do you need to move fast?

As mentioned, there is a three-year time limit to file negligence claims for personal injury compensation, so this means it’s important to act fast. This means that you have three years to lodge proceedings, although, in some instances, a judge will award a time extension. To avoid missing out on the compensation that you may be due, act fast and contact your Polish personal injury claims in Preston for advice.

How do I pay for a compensation claim?

Different lawyers provide different approaches and your claims service will provide full details of this when you contact them. For example, some lawyers offer a conditional fee or a ‘no win, no fee’ service. Some claimants are also eligible for financial help for legal cases. The best way to establish the likely costs and the means of payment is to contact your personal claims specialist in Preston.

How do I find a personal injury claims lawyer in Preston?

There are various legal firms in Preston and across Lancashire and some have particular expertise in supporting areas of the community that may experience language barriers, such as the Polish community. It’s best to look for a claims specialist with a legal accreditation, such as membership of the Law Society’s personal injury accreditation scheme or membership of a recognised clinical negligence accreditation scheme. These claims specialists tend to provide services in a range of personal injury claims areas such as:

– Negligence

– Slips, trips and falls (for example, at work or on a public highway)

– Serious injuries

– Road traffic accidents

– Criminal injury

Other attributes to look for include a ‘no win, no fee’, charging structure, which minimises your own financial outlay, free advice that allows you to decide whether or not to pursue a claim, and a simple process that allows you to rapidly pursue a claim if your injury was not your fault.

It also makes sense to look for Polish personal injury claims in Preston which have a strong reputation and an excellent track record. Take a look at claims specialists’ websites to get a sense of the feedback they have received and their case win history, and carry out searches on review sites too. If you live in the Polish community, it can also be valuable to speak to your own community network to find out which providers have offered an excellent service, to make a confident decision.

The most important thing to remember, if you think you have been the victim of a personal injury, is to act quickly, bearing in mind the 3-year claims limit!

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