24 June, 2024

Real Estate Industry and Video Marketing: A Hit Combination

If we play by the rules of “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then isn’t it fair enough to say that videos are priceless? Videos create greater impact than photos, and if your business is trying to set foot in the competitive real estate industry, video marketing is one way to start your journey!

What is Video Marketing?

As the name suggests, video marketing is a marketing strategy involving videos to grow your business. You can create and edit or hire video editing services to make videos & promote your product or service.

Videos are a huge hit right now! Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are currently pushing them forward to reach better audiences. Many businesses are taking this route to increase awareness and create a customer base.

What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Video Marketing?

The video marketing strategy is so popular and effective that real estate agents who used videos in their listings received 403% more inquiries than their competitors who didn’t!

Approximately 70% of homebuyers watch video house tours. Moreover, 85% of sellers and buyers prefer working with agents who have video marketing in their core strategy. These numbers convey that videos successfully attract, convert, and retain customers.

Apart from this, there are several other benefits of video marketing for real estate agents. Here are some of them:

  •         Longer customer retention rate on your website
  •         Higher ranks on search engine
  •         Improvement in ROIs
  •         Video content is more likely to be shared by the viewers

Types of Real Estate Videos to Attract Viewers

Videos are no doubt the current craze in the marketing world! If you take a look at these eight types of real estate videos, you can benefit majorly.

  1.   Listing Videos

Impressing homebuyers has never been easier than this! Accessible and convenient are two words that perfectly describe virtual listings.

In this competitive market, presenting the buyers with merely a high-quality photo isn’t enough. They want a feel of how the home would suit their needs without letting the distance affect their experience. This is when listing videos come into play!

Moreover, listing videos have passed the stage of clubbing photos into a slideshow. Several tools and services provide you with high-quality film-like video clips of the property.

  1.   Interview Videos

Who doesn’t love a chatty informative video that shows real humans and their experiences of working with you? Trust is what builds more relations in the real estate world. And interview videos are one way to gain it.

You can make an interview video with buyers, sellers, professionals in the real estate industry, or businesses you’ve worked with!

  1.   Live Stream Videos

Live-streaming apps are on the rise now. And even the real estate community is not far behind from catching the trend. Many agents have taken advantage of live streaming at conferences, community events, and outings.

Today the viewers are interested in knowing behind the scenes of businesses. This gives a humanistic approach to your business and creates trust between you and your audience!

  1.   Blog Post Videos

Blog posts are one of the most powerful assets of marketing. But do you want to know what’s more powerful? Doubling the impact they have on the audience with the help of videos!

Take short snippets from your blogs and transform the written content into a refreshing short video format. For example, if you have written a blog on real estate trends, you can convert it into video format by showing the latest news and updates with images.

  1.   Advice Videos

Short videos that benefit the audience are the perfect way to grab attention. You can create quick 2-minute videos that could go along the lines of saving for an ideal home, researching mortgage lenders, etc., for your socials.

Personalized advice turns you into an industry expert that people can turn to for reliable tips and answers!

  1.   Offer Videos

Special offers don’t just have to be cash prizes, discounts, or gift cards. It can be unique downloadable content or an offer for free consultations!

These videos must be catchy, short, and include a CTA (call to action) button, after all it needs to enhance your lead generation.

  1.   Review Videos

Instead of highlighting your business, put nearby local businesses into the limelight. By doing this, you’re showcasing that you care about the community and are well-versed in the surroundings.

Furthermore, you can explain the area and focus on the points that make the place worth moving to for homebuyers.

  1.   Community Videos

Apart from the property itself, another crucial thing that homebuyers need to see is the community they’re going to accommodate in. As much as the home itself is important, knowing what people and the neighborhood you’re surrounded with is also necessary.


Video marketing is garnering results, and you should also get on board to leverage its benefits! Make the camera your friend and dive right in!


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