23 July, 2024
Revolutionise Warehouse Management with Honeywell Voice for Manhattan Active® WM

Revolutionise Warehouse Management with Honeywell Voice for Manhattan Active® WM

The collaboration between Manhattan Associates and Honeywell introduces Honeywell Voice for Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management (HVMA), an innovative voice solution that seamlessly integrates with operational workflows. This technology significantly enhances training time, accuracy, productivity, focus, and safety, setting a new standard in warehouse management.

Why Choose Honeywell Voice for Manhattan Active WM?

  • Instant Access to Cutting-Edge Features and Workflows

With HVMA, you gain immediate access to the latest features and workflows in sync with Manhattan Active Warehouse Management (WM). This ensures that your warehouse operations are always up to date with the most advanced and efficient processes available. The continuous updates and enhancements provided by this integration mean that your system evolves with your needs, maintaining peak performance and adaptability.

  • Out-of-the-Box Workflow Support

One of the main benefits of HVMA is its extensive support for a wide range of workflows right out-of-the-box. This means minimal setup time and a quicker path to operational excellence. The pre-configured workflows are designed to handle common warehouse tasks, enabling your team to hit the ground running without the need for extensive customisation. This accelerates the implementation process, allowing you to see immediate improvements in your operations.

  • Compatibility with Modern Devices

HVMA is designed to be compatible with the latest Android mobile devices and Honeywell Talkman, ensuring that you can leverage contemporary technology for your warehouse management needs. This compatibility not only makes the system versatile but also ensures that it can integrate seamlessly with your existing hardware infrastructure. By utilising the latest devices, HVMA provides a user-friendly and efficient experience for warehouse associates.

  • Swift and Easy Onboarding

Implementing new technology can be daunting, but HVMA makes onboarding quick and straightforward, allowing your team to start reaping the benefits with minimal downtime. The intuitive design and comprehensive training modules mean that your staff can quickly become proficient with the new system. This ease of adoption reduces the transition period and minimises disruptions to your workflow.

The Power of Voice in Warehouse Management

  • Boosting Productivity with Hands-Free Operations

One of the most significant advantages of HVMA is the ability to free your associates’ hands and eyes. Voice-guided workflows enable workers to focus more on their tasks without the distraction of handling devices or paperwork, leading to a substantial boost in productivity. This hands-free approach allows for faster and more efficient task completion, as associates can perform their duties without interruption.

  • Enhancing Accuracy and Reducing Errors

Voice-guided instructions are not just efficient; they are also incredibly precise. By following voice commands, associates are less likely to make errors, which improves the overall accuracy of your warehouse operations. The system’s ability to provide clear, concise instructions reduces misunderstandings and mistakes, leading to higher quality control and customer satisfaction.

  • Improving Safety with Heads-Up Associates

Safety in the workplace is a critical concern. HVMA contributes to a safer working environment by keeping associates’ heads up and eyes on their surroundings. This heads-up approach reduces the risk of accidents and enhances overall safety. Associates can navigate the warehouse more safely and efficiently, aware of their environment and any potential hazards.

  • Optimising Workforce Deployment

The dynamic nature of HVMA allows you to move your personnel to where they are needed most, optimising workforce deployment and ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. The flexibility provided by voice-guided workflows means that associates can be easily reassigned to different tasks as needed, maximising the use of your workforce and improving overall productivity.

The benefits of HVMA extend beyond immediate operational improvements. By adopting this technology, you position your warehouse for long-term success, with a system that grows and evolves alongside your business needs. Investing in HVMA is not just a step forward in warehouse management—it’s a leap towards a future where technology and human efficiency work hand in hand to achieve excellence.

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