26 May, 2024

SML RFID Collaborates with Landmark Group for Item-Level RFID Deployment Across MENA

SML RFID, a trailblazer in RFID technology solutions, has announced a significant partnership with the Landmark Group, a leading retail conglomerate in the Middle East, to roll out advanced item-level RFID solutions across its expansive network of over 600 stores and 10 distribution centres throughout the MENA region.

With its headquarters in Dubai, Landmark Group operates a vast empire of over 2,200 retail outlets in 21 countries, offering a wide variety of quality products in sectors such as apparel, footwear, lifestyle, beauty, and home furnishings.

Through this collaboration, SML will supply RFID tags and has already achieved operational status with its state-of-the-art item-level RFID solutions at several sites. The full implementation will cover all Landmark locations in all the GCC countries — including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman — and extend to Egypt and Jordan, leveraging the successes in these regions.

Dr. Prakash Rao, Head of Supply Chain Projects and Home Operations at Landmark Retail, shared: “As one of the largest omnichannel retailers in the Middle East region, we at Landmark Retail constantly endeavour to deliver seamless and best-in-class shopping experiences to our customers. Investing in retail innovation and technologies across our value chain is crucial to support our efforts to deliver exceptional value to the fast-evolving customers of the region.

“RFID is one such solution that will provide enhanced inventory accuracy and accountability between various entities across our supply chain. With their immense RFID expertise, we believe SML would be an ideal solutions provider to fulfill our item-level RFID requirement. We are pleased to have SML on board.”

SML’s innovative item-level RFID solutions offer retailers the advantage of accurate, real-time inventory tracking at the item level, achieving accuracy levels greater than 95%. This technology enables retailers to offer precise stock availability information and personalised product recommendations to their customers, thereby significantly enhancing customer service.

Dean Frew, President of RFID Solutions at SML Group, commented: “It is exciting to be a part of Landmark’s digital transformation journey as its strategic partner. We are confident that our item-level RFID solutions will deliver tangible value for their business and customers alike.

“With the combination of deployments in Landmark’s stores and distribution centers with the expertise of our strategic partners Microsoft, Zebra, and Clustag by Rielec, world leaders in their technology space, this project will be the first of this scale in the region and one that will set a benchmark in the industry.”

SML stands out as a trusted partner in item-level RFID solutions for numerous top-tier retail brands worldwide, managing operations across over 7,500 stores and distribution centres in more than 60 countries, and handling over 500 million items weekly with its cloud-based item-level RFID software suite, Clarity®.


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