13 June, 2024

Supercar Sharing® Spearheads Luxury Market Evolution

Originating in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2021, Supercar Sharing AG has quickly carved out a significant niche in Europe’s luxury car-sharing and tourism arena. Its elite customer base includes notable celebrities and influential entrepreneurs. Currently, the company is setting its sights on global expansion, focusing on franchise partnerships and the launch of a flagship showroom and car storage in Dubai. A new establishment in Mallorca is also slated for 2024, aiming to augment its role in the luxury tourism market.

Since its inception, Supercar Sharing has successfully enrolled over 1000 members from the sports car sector, boasting a portfolio with order values exceeding 8 million CHF. Among its notable achievements is the exclusive co-ownership model for the Bugatti Chiron Sport, a groundbreaking development in the sharing economy’s co-ownership segment.

With an ambition to become a lasting benchmark in the luxury sharing sector, Supercar Sharing® envisions opening 30 additional franchise locations within the next five years and expanding its fleet to include more than 200 luxury vehicles and supercars.

Co-Ownership Innovation: Luxurious and Economic Sharing Model

The hallmark of Supercar Sharing’s innovative approach is the Supercar Co-Ownership System®. This system offers international clientele the chance to acquire shares in luxury vehicles, such as Swiss-registered ones, starting from a minimum of a 10% stake.

The benefits for co-owners are manifold, including usage, voting, and participation rights in their chosen vehicle. The system offers several advantages:

  • Shared Costs: By adopting a co-ownership model, the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining luxury vehicles are split among a group of enthusiasts, enhancing affordability and financial practicality.
  • Professional Management: All aspects of vehicle management, from upkeep to insurance, are handled by Supercar Sharing at its various locales, ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience.
  • Cost-Effective Longevity: In comparison to individual purchases, leases, or rentals, co-ownership is a more financially savvy and enduring option.

Supercar Sharing holds brand rights across 31 countries and generates income through multiple avenues, including co-ownership, vehicle transactions, memberships, rentals, and franchise agreements.

Deivis H. Valdes, the founder and CEO of the Supercar Sharing Group, confidently states: “We are proud of the growth and acceptance of our brand in the luxury car-sharing and tourism market so far. With our planned expansion and focus on franchise partnerships, we are confident that Supercar Sharing® will set the standard for the future of luxury sharing on a global scale.”

The company’s main shareholders, Deivis H. Valdes and Joschua Ammann, are actively pursuing franchise partners to extend their successful model globally.


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