24 June, 2024

Swype®: Defying Market Trends with Exceptional 40% Growth in Yorkshire

Swype®, a premier Yorkshire-based design and marketing agency, has defied market trends by achieving a remarkable 40% growth in the last 18 months. This growth includes an increase in turnover, expansion of the customer base, team growth, and relocation to a prestigious new Head Office in Leeds, while maintaining a presence in Sheffield.

The agency has been recognised with several prestigious awards, including the Clutch Global 1000 B2B Leaders, DNA Paris Design Awards 2023, the Global Web Excellence Awards 2023, Yorkshire Prestige’s Branding Agency of the Year 2023/24, and spots in the Clutch Top 100 SEO and Creative Agencies in the UK.

Founder and Head of Digital, Wesley Ashton Holmes, commented: “It’s been a challenging period for us but ultimately generating growth, enhancing our reputation and delivering an unbeatable service is what Swype® stands for.” The agency’s diverse service offerings and unique delivery style are major draws for companies seeking their expertise.

Swype®’s approach includes a team of specialists in Branding, Websites, and Digital Marketing, offering a personalised and collaborative service. This integrated approach helps avoid the fragmented results often seen with competitors.

Wesley’s direct management of client relationships ensures a customised and engaging service. The agency focuses on demonstrating tangible business benefits to their clients, boasting significant marketing campaign returns and advertising spends.

Swype® maintains a dynamic and adaptable strategy, aligning with clients’ evolving goals and market changes. Their varied client portfolio across different sectors is indicative of their expanding reputation and success.

Wesley attributes this success to hard work and an innovative, client-focused approach. The agency concentrates on its core competencies, offering specialised services in Branding, Websites, SEO, and Paid Marketing.

Founded by Wesley Ashton Holmes at 25, Swype® has grown both creatively and commercially. His qualifications from Sheffield Hallam University and the Digital Marketing Institute have contributed to this success.

The team’s diverse skill set and client-focused philosophy have been key to their advancement. With a robust new business pipeline and a £1500 start-up grant initiative, Swype® is poised for further growth. Plans include a new London office and a US expansion to cater to a growing international client base, including a UK teeth whitening brand planning a US launch in 2024. To apply, contact the team on their website or email directly.