23 April, 2024

Tesla’s Space-Strength Steel Not Replicated In Its Impact-Proof Windows

Will Tesla’s domination of the global electric car market withstand the marketing embarrassment of its promised impact-proof windows smashing during the unveiling of its new all-electric battery-powered ‘Cybertruck’?

So, what went wrong and why?

During his unveiling presentation of the new ‘Cybertruck’ Tesla’s famous co-founder Elon Musk showed a video of the truck withstanding bullets that were being shot from a 9mm gun. He then challenged Tesla staff to hit the truck with various things including sledgehammers and one threw a steel ball bearing smashing the armoured glass of the promised indestructible impact-proof windows.

Because it’s made from the same ultra-hard stainless-steel alloy Elon Musk plans to use for his revolutionary space rocket, and because its windows are made from armoured glass, Tesla claimed it was bulletproof. Even the headlights were included in the claim because a single strip of white light has replaced traditional breakable lamps.

The truck is a four-door six-seater innovative sharp geometric-shaped body was set atop massive tires. And Tesla wanted the industrial-looking Cybertruck to be seen as breaking the mould in pickup truck design that they suggest have been the same traditional design for the last hundred years.

The new Cybertruck will, when launched, have a starting price of $39,900 (no date has yet been given) and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in about three seconds. Not bad for an all-electric battery-powered pick-up truck!

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So, when Elon Musk unveiled this new innovation in the Tesla range and said: “We need something different.” can he ever have imagined that might have meant the impact-proofed windows being smashed during its presentation to the world’s press? Probably not.

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