22 April, 2024

The Briars Group Introduces Andrew Fahey as CEO for Strategic Global Expansion

The Briars Group, renowned for its comprehensive support in enabling companies to scale internationally, proudly announces the appointment of Andrew Fahey as its Chief Executive Officer. With an extensive background spanning over 25 years in professional services leadership, Fahey is tasked with bolstering the firm’s renown as a dependable partner for clients aiming for overseas growth.

Fahey’s rich experience in leading professional services both domestically and internationally positions him as a crucial figure in The Briars Group’s strategic vision to emerge as the premier brand for global expansion.

His tenure as Global Chief Commercial Officer at People 2.0, following a significant role in the successful sale of Brookson Group where he served as CEO from 2020, is set to enrich The Briars Group’s comprehensive international expansion services significantly.

Regarded as an influential figure in the contingent workforce field, Fahey’s forward-thinking approach to workforce strategy is expected to provide a fresh impetus to the company’s operational framework, particularly in scaling its commercial capabilities.

“I am delighted to have taken up my new position and have already been working with the talented team at Briars to build new projects that will deliver our own global growth ambitions,” Fahey articulated.

“The firm has an excellent reputation as a leader within the global expansion industry, and I firmly believe that there is huge scope to further it,” he elaborated.

Fahey has initiated key changes within Briars’ leadership team, welcoming a new Director of Sales and Head of Marketing, while also opening several senior roles for recruitment to strengthen the team further.

“The Briars Group has consistently been a pioneer in aiding businesses to navigate the complexities of global expansion, acting as a reliable partner for our international clientele. With Andrew’s guidance, we are set to scale greater heights and provide even more comprehensive support to businesses embarking on international ventures,” a spokesperson for The Briars Group stated.

The Briars Group delivers a holistic suite of services to support serious international growth ambitions, encompassing accounting and tax, HR and payroll, international banking, foreign exchange, and global mobility solutions.

Acknowledging the accelerating trend of global expansion, fuelled by technological progress and a shift towards more adaptable workforce models, The Briars Group is committed to providing solutions that are flexible, compliant, and cost-effective.

“Our mission is to simplify the process of global expansion for businesses, ensuring they meet their statutory tax, banking, employment, and payroll responsibilities in any country they wish to enter. Fahey’s leadership is expected to further strengthen our ability to achieve this mission, leveraging his unique skills and expertise to benefit our clients worldwide,” the spokesperson concluded.

With Andrew Fahey on board, The Briars Group anticipates a future brimming with innovation, growth, and continued success in facilitating businesses to realise their global expansion objectives.


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