23 July, 2024

The Pacioli Group Announces New North American Office in New York City

The Pacioli Group, a leading strategic advisory firm based in Mexico City, is delighted to announce the opening of its first North American office in New York City. Scheduled to open in January 2025, this new office signifies a major advancement in The Pacioli Group’s mission to deliver top-tier strategic insights and solutions to businesses throughout the Americas.

Mauricio Ayamonte Rivera, Partner at The Pacioli Group, expressed his excitement about the expansion: “New York is a global hub for business and innovation, making it the perfect location for our new office. This move will enable us to be closer to our North American clients and enhance our ability to support them with timely and effective strategic advice.”

Strategic Expansion

Since its founding in 2019, The Pacioli Group has established a strong reputation for excellence in strategic advisory services. Opening an office in New York City, a key financial and commercial centre, is a strategic decision designed to leverage the city’s diverse business environment.

“This new office will be a centre for innovative solutions and deeper client engagement,” Ayamonte added. “We look forward to the opportunities this brings and to helping our clients achieve their business goals with the support of our dedicated team.”

Enhancing Client Support

Serving as a hub for innovation and collaboration, the New York office will be staffed by industry-leading professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality, personalised service. By bringing its expertise closer to its clients, The Pacioli Group aims to provide more immediate and responsive support, helping clients navigate their specific market challenges more effectively.

Looking Ahead

This expansion is a testament to The Pacioli Group’s commitment to driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage for its clients. The opening of the New York office is the first step in The Pacioli Group’s ambitious plans to continue expanding its footprint across North America and beyond.

“We have big plans for the future,” Ayamonte concluded. “Our goal is to be the leading strategic advisory firm for businesses seeking sustainable growth and competitive advantage. The New York office is a critical step in that journey, and we are excited about what lies ahead.”

For more information about The Pacioli Group and its services, please visit www.thepacioligroup.com or contact our team at info@thepacioligroup.com.

News Team