20 July, 2024

The Power of Employer Branding: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

There are some companies that everyone would be interested in working for. The biggest draws can be unexpected though – many people are less interested in the money offered by the company and are more discerning about other aspects of the business. How do these desirable companies get their good brand name and how can you do the same so as to attract and keep the attention of the best candidates? Let’s take a look.

Invest in People

While many candidates look for more than just money when they are considering job offers, this does not mean that money is not a consideration for them – it is simply the first (and often most important) consideration, after which other benefits will add to the positive impression they have formed. Always invest in your people: offer appropriate training, ensure it is kept up to day, and make sure that your staff are happy. Having offered a generous salary and package ten years ago, does not necessarily translate to having a good offer today so do keep up to date with what candidates at the best recruitment agencies are asking for: check out Eagle headhunter recruitment for the latest candidates and expected packages.

Staff Retention Saves Time and Money

If you have helped a staff member to acquire new skills, you may feel mildly affronted that they then expect a higher salary because they now have more to offer you – or other prospective employers! But if you work out the cost of finding and taking on a new member of staff with a lower salary, allowing several months until they are fully trained and up to speed with company policies and procedures, you will quickly find that this will cost you more, in the long run, than simply offering your known and trained employee a pay rise.

Play it Honest – Always

Always be upfront with prospective and current staff members. If finances are tight because you’re planning a big expansion, let them know. If cuts have to be made, make sure your staff can see that they’ve started right at the top – and protect the ‘little guys’ at the bottom of the heap, your lowest earning employees can afford the least disruption to their income.

When you have your own company that started off small and intimate it can be easy to skip steps like implementing HR departments, accountability processes and reporting systems. As your business grows this can allow management to get away with poor behaviour and can give your business a reputation as being a toxic workplace. Always ensure that there are at least two lines of authority which employees can follow should they have an issue. This will make sure that no problems are ‘bottlenecked’ as can happen if people have to reports issues to someone who could well be the problematic party.

Offer Both Value And Money

As well as offering a salary that meets (if not exceeds) market rates, try to offer other perks too. Gym memberships, generous time off (because well planned businesses never rely on just one person being in for things to happen as they should), good parental packages, recognition – perhaps prizes like paid weekend breaks for top performers, as well as always providing a welcoming and friendly ambiance in the office – these are the things that will encourage employees to work hard for you and help you grow your business brand.

News Team