26 May, 2024

The Top Chalet Catering Companies and Private Chefs in Chamonix

Chamonix’s beauty is only matched by its cuisine, as it is a region where some of the best private chefs and catering companies in the world reside.

When compiling this list, we considered many things.

For instance, we looked at both the reputation of the provider and their experience in delivering top-class food. We also considered their ability to exceed the expectation of their audience in both the quality and creativity of their menus.

From the moment we started researching, we realised that Chamonix is not just a skiing paradise, but it is also a foodies’ dream.

1. Alpine Catering Company

Private chalet catering service, Alpine Catering Company, has gained a reputation that is hard to rival.

Its chef, Samuel Davidsion, is renowned for using all of the experience he gained in Michelin Star restaurants across Europe and Australia to create an unforgettable culinary experience for clients.

Alpine Catering Company provide a wide range of catering services from private home cooking, one off events or the full in-chalet experience. Foods are sourced locally and follow elements of the French cuisine.

The founders have extensive experience working in the hospitality industry, working with all manner of clients, customers and partners.

2. Mountain Gourmets

Established back in 2008, Mountain Gourmets is a pair of private chefs who pride themselves on the culinary wonder they produce within their meals. The geniuses, Ben and Magda, take inspiration from their surrounds and the fresh produce that they have on their doorstep.

Whether you are looking for a traditional Chamonix dish, or something more explorative, Mountain Gourmets guys will leave you satisfied.

3. The Private Chef Chamonix

Andy Thomas is the brain behind The Private Chef Chamonix and what a brain he has! Specialising in luxury home cooking, his menu has a little something to suit all tastes and preferences.

They say that ‘if you want to learn, you should learn from the best’, and that is why The Private Chef Chamonix’s corporate cooking classes are also a universal hit.

4. Chamonix Chef

Chamonix Chef, or Phillip as he is known to friends, has been living in France for over 20 years. After an extensive history working in and running successful restaurants, he set himself up as a freelance chef in the region.

Offering a range of services, from home delivery to in-house chalet cooking, the Chamonix Chef is a catering experiences that promises “excellent results to suit all tastes and budgets”.


5. Chamchef

Founded by private chef Emma Lawrenson in 2011, Chamchef’s vast list of returning clients is a clear indicator of their excellent service and a sign that the dishes they produce are magnificent.

They are renowned for their creativity, with their website illustrating this: “Chamchef offering everything, from classic French cuisine to authentic Asian dishes; From a romantic meal for two to a cocktail for 250 people”.

That’s a range that any chef would be proud of.


Food in Chamonix

If you are looking for excellent food to accompany your adventure in Chamonix, then the five private chef and catering companies listed above will not disappoint.

Each one of them provides a menu that will complement the beautiful scenery on your doorstep.

Michael Alan


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