18 July, 2024

The top trending secor is named as Financial Security for 2021

Want to know the best way to predict what will happen going forward for your business? Bruntwood SciTech, the UK’s leading property provider to the science and tech sector, has the answer to the seemingly unanswerable.
Using industry research tools, Bruntwood SciTech have analysed the globe’s millions of conversations online to see which sectors have the strongest potential right now.
The data finds fintech – namely financial security – has experienced the most vigorous growth out of all the tech sectors over the last six months.
The next most trending topic is mobility tech; ergonomic improvements for wheelchairs and ride-sharing platforms are two examples of the highest-flying sub-sectors in the mobility tech sector right now.
Scroll down for the full data set.
A Bruntwood SciTech spokesperson commented:
“Tech business owners should always keep their finger on the pulse of the industry if they are to be prepared (and primed for profiting) from the ‘next big thing’ in tech.
“Keeping one eye on the future really is the deciding factor behind whether your tech business prospers or pails against more prepared competitors. Hopefully this information we have provided will help those working in the tech sector to see where the most potential exists right now in the industry.”

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