13 June, 2024

Travel FX Online Currency Exchange Celebrates Remarkable Billion Pound Milestone

Acclaimed online currency exchange company, Travel FX, is joyfully commemorating a significant achievement as it surpasses the impressive milestone of one billion pounds in currency exchanges.

Since its establishment in 2008, Travel FX has assisted over a million customers in converting their pounds into holiday money for destinations across the globe. Co-founders Graham Tennant and Damian George established the company with the aim of challenging the monopoly held by banks and the Post Office in the travel currency market.

Offering a range of services including currency exchange, buy-back options, and international transfers, Travel FX has garnered over 15,000 “excellent” ratings on Trustpilot from its satisfied clientele.

The user-friendly system allows holidaymakers to conveniently order their currency online, make payments using debit or credit cards, and select their desired delivery date. Travel FX dispatches the cash via insured Royal Mail Special Delivery on the specified date requested by the client.

Managing Director of Travel FX, Graham Tennant, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s progress, stating, “When we embarked on this venture, we recognized the need for a shake-up in the industry. Our objective was to offer better rates and superior service compared to our competitors. With over a million delighted customers and numerous industry accolades, we are delighted to have achieved exactly that.”

Tennant emphasized the substantial savings offered by Travel FX to its customers, stating, “By exchanging their cash with us, customers can save a remarkable £25 per £1,000 compared to the Post Office. And if they choose us for their buy-back requirements, they can save £80 per £1,000. All it takes is a little bit of planning to book the order ahead of the departure date. Leaving it to the last minute could result in up to 20% higher charges for currency exchange at the airport.”

Taking this momentous occasion to celebrate the exchange of the billionth pound in their business, Travel FX expressed gratitude to all their customers to date, while eagerly looking forward to assisting them and new customers with their holiday money in the upcoming year.

Travel FX offers currency exchange or transfers for 45 different currencies. By operating with fewer overheads compared to its competitors, the company can provide better rates and transparent pricing. Utilizing cutting-edge money transfer technology ensures the security and timely delivery of every transaction.

According to a recent Mintel report, cash continues to play a vital role in society and is expected to remain significant in the future, as it allows individuals to better track their spending. Additionally, for those who prefer card payments, Travel FX is preparing to launch virtual cards that can be used with phone wallets, while still offering excellent exchange rates.

Responding to customer demand, Travel FX has recently introduced an international transfer service. This service provides same-day or next-day transactions, which are faster and more cost-effective than traditional banks or currency brokers. Customers can expect transparent pricing, no hidden charges, and the assurance of excellent exchange rates, just as with their currency exchange services.


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