15 June, 2024

Trish Kapos Joins Clarion Technologies as Channel Sales Head, Bringing Expertise from US Multinational Companies

Clarion Technologies, a leading provider of software development solutions, has strengthened its leadership team by appointing Trish Kapos as the new Channel Sales Head in the United States. With twenty years of experience and a proven track record of driving sales through partnerships, Kapos is well-positioned to make a significant contribution.

Kapos’s extensive background in channel sales, including roles at multinational companies like AT&T and other major technology distributors, equips her to lead Clarion’s sales channel strategy. Her decision to lead Clarion’s channel programme showcases her deep understanding of successful channel dynamics and industry best practices.

Harjinder Kohli, COO for the North America region at Clarion Technologies, expressed his excitement about Kapos joining the leadership team: “We are thrilled to welcome Trish Kapos to our leadership team. Her extensive experience in channel sales and her strategic vision will be instrumental in driving Clarion’s growth and expanding our market reach. Trish’s expertise and innovative approach are exactly what we need to strengthen our channel programme and deliver exceptional value to our partners.”

Establishing a new channel sales programme requires meticulous planning and structuring. At Clarion, once the strategy is finalised, the focus will shift to identifying the right partners and fostering relationships to seamlessly integrate them into our team.

Here’s Kapos’s perspective on her new role as channel sales head: “Our partners seek a robust programme with comprehensive tools, competitive incentives, and accessible self-training resources. My goal is to exceed these expectations, equipping partners to capitalise on opportunities and expand their share of clients’ technology spend by including software development.”

The company intends to concentrate on channel sales strategy to drive business growth by connecting with customers who prefer to purchase from consultants or resellers via trusted intermediaries. Selling products through third-party marketplaces and managed service providers enables Clarion to offer package deals and attract buyers looking for diverse product options. Additionally, the channel sales programme will help the company discover business opportunities in new geographic regions, thus expanding its market presence for software development.

Regarding Clarion’s focus on AI-based solutions, Kapos highlighted the increasing interest among partners and customers in leveraging AI to boost productivity and streamline workflows. She emphasised the importance of channel partnerships in educating clients about the potential benefits of AI. Kapos expressed her support for Clarion’s new initiative, “WinWithAI,” which is dedicated to incorporating artificial intelligence into the company’s services and solutions.

This initiative aims to harness AI technology to help businesses achieve maximum benefit by enhancing their productivity, optimising their processes, and uncovering new opportunities for growth. Through “WinWithAI,” Clarion is committed to assisting businesses in navigating the complexities of AI adoption, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to integrate AI into their operations seamlessly.

Reflecting on her experience joining Clarion, Kapos shared her enthusiasm for the company’s well-structured processes, which she believes provide a solid foundation for success. She appreciates the clarity and organisation within Clarion, which streamlines workflows and enhances efficiency. Furthermore, Kapos highlighted the collaborative work environment, noting that the team’s cooperative spirit fosters innovation and supports the achievement of common goals. She is eager to contribute to this dynamic environment and utilise these strengths to drive Clarion’s growth and success.

Looking forward, she outlined plans to work closely with internal teams to develop partner-focused content and increase Clarion’s presence in the US market. She expressed her enthusiasm for contributing to Clarion’s growth and success through strategic channel partnerships and innovative solutions.