18 July, 2024

TrueHLTH Files Provisional Patent for AI Systems to Prevent Downturns in Chronic Diseases

TrueHLTH, a patient advocacy and healthcare navigation company, has announced the filing of a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its innovative platform. The platform aims to assist individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers in avoiding physical and psychological downturns associated with their diseases.

The always-on platform developed by TrueHLTH operates 24/7, 365 days a year, and is designed to identify personal challenges faced by patients in seeking proactive care intervention. By bridging the gap that exists in the current healthcare system landscape for chronic disease sufferers, TrueHLTH aims to provide support and guidance.

Scott Genone, the co-founder and CEO of TrueHLTH and a veteran leader in healthcare technology with 30 years of experience, understands the complexities of care delivery firsthand. He has faced challenges with his own Crohn’s Disease and witnessed the systemic complexity while navigating care for his oldest son.

“We will build patient trust through unparalleled advocacy. Trust leads to patient activation and engagement with our platform, which enables continuous data capture. This data powers our artificial intelligence (AI) system and helps it evolve to anticipate challenges and seek appropriate interventions proactively, thereby helping patients maintain their well-being,” explains Mr. Genone.

TrueHLTH is driven by a mission-based approach, focusing on addressing the problems faced by patients and their caregivers. By viewing healthcare through their eyes, the company aims to provide effective solutions.

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