25 May, 2024

Universal Smart Cards Expands Access Control Solutions with HID Global’s Fingerprint Biometric Readers

Universal Smart Cards, a trusted name in secure access solutions, is excited to announce its latest collaboration with HID Global, a globally recognised leader in secure identity solutions. This partnership signifies a significant step forward for Universal Smart Cards in providing advanced access control technology to its clients.

Universal Smart Cards is proud to introduce HID Global’s range of biometric fingerprint readers, offering the latest in secure authentication technology at competitive prices.

Fingerprint biometric readers have become the gold standard for secure authentication, and the partnership between Universal Smart Cards and HID Global leverages this cutting-edge technology. What sets fingerprint biometrics apart from other methods of identification and authentication? Here are a few key reasons:

1. Enhanced Security: Fingerprint authentication provides a robust layer of security, virtually eliminating the risk of unauthorised access.
2. Convenience: Biometric authentication offers a seamless and efficient access control experience, eliminating the need for access cards or PINs.
3. Reduced Fraud: Fingerprint authentication minimises the risk of identity fraud or credential sharing due to its unique and individual nature.
4. User-Friendly: HID’s readers are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a smooth transition to biometric access for administrators and end-users.
5. Integration Capabilities: The readers can be seamlessly integrated with existing access control systems, providing a comprehensive access control solution.

This partnership expands Universal Smart Cards’ product offering by incorporating HID Global’s fingerprint biometric readers, enhancing the company’s commitment to delivering the latest in secure access technology. While these readers are not new to the market, having been introduced by HID Global in the last year or two, this collaboration signifies a broader range of options for clients in the access control space.

The Universal Smart Cards’ Director of Operations, Kevin Loveman, emphasised the company’s dedication to offering a comprehensive range of access control options. “We are excited to expand our collaboration with HID Global. Our partnership has a long history of delivering innovative access control solutions to our clients, and the introduction of biometric fingerprint readers is a testament to this commitment,” Kevin Loveman stated.

These readers come in various forms, including USB desktop readers, modules, and more, seamlessly integrating with HID’s DigitalPersona® solution. Their versatility and affordability make them a smart choice for businesses looking to enhance their access control.

Universal Smart Cards and HID Global have created a partnership that underscores their commitment to delivering innovative access control solutions to meet the evolving security needs of clients.

For more information about Universal Smart Cards‘ expanded product portfolio and HID Global’s fingerprint biometric readers, please visit [Website Link].

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