22 April, 2024

Watermans Hair Growth Announced as Leading Sponsor for Miss England 2024, Elevating Hair Care Awareness

Watermans Hair Growth steps into the spotlight as the headline sponsor for Miss England 2024, with former Miss England and NHS Doctor Bhasha Mukherjee highlighting the critical issue of hair loss in tandem with this exciting collaboration.

Hailing from Yorkshire, Gail and Matt Waterman’s Watermans has distinguished itself as the Original Hair Growth company. The brand’s innovative approach to hair care has garnered it the Queen’s Award since its establishment in 2012, solidifying its leadership in the industry.

This partnership is imbued with philanthropic values, aligning with Miss England’s 2024 focus, “Balls to Cancer.” Angie Beasley, the Director of Miss England, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, particularly commending Watermans for their generous ‘Grow Me’ hair growth shampoo donations to chemotherapy wards.

Bhasha Mukherjee’s openness about her hair loss journey since her reign as the first British Indian Miss England in 2019 is both inspiring and enlightening. She applauds Watermans for bravely tackling this widespread but seldom discussed concern, providing a beacon of hope for many.

Watermans was born from Gail and Matt Waterman‘s personal encounters with hair loss, leading to the creation of a brand that synthesizes over three decades of hair salon wisdom with innovative, efficacious formulations. The brand’s international acclaim is evidenced by the global sales of its products every 30 seconds.

Angie Beasley has lauded the sponsorship of Miss England 2024 by Watermans, highlighting the significance of a renowned British hair growth brand’s involvement in this prestigious competition. As Jessica Gagen, the pioneering redhead Miss England, prepares for the 71st Miss World in India, this partnership reinforces themes of diversity and empowerment.

The anticipation for the national final of Miss England 2024 is palpable, with the event set for 16th & 17th May 2024 at the Grand Station Wolverhampton, where the winner will proceed to the 72nd Miss World final.

Keep an eye on the Watermans website for the latest on their key sponsorship of Miss England 2024.


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