23 April, 2024

What Are 5 of the First Things New Homeowners Do to Their House?

When you first move into a new house, there are a million things that need to get done. It can seem overwhelming, but do you know what always helps? A checklist. Check out these five things many homeowners do as soon as they have those keys in hand that can get your mini-reno started!

1. Change the Locks

Getting new locks is an important first step after buying a home. It ensures that no one else has a key to your home. Many people today are getting a keyless entry door lock for the front door to make entry easier for members of the household. It’s especially easy for kids who might lose a key.

New locks also allow you to take advantage of smart home technology in locks, many of which can be controlled by an app so that the door is always locked when it’s supposed to be. This also lets parents let kids in when they get to the door when needed. These locks are a great way to make daily life a little easier and more convenient.

2. Put Up Mirrors

A great mirror is more than just something to use when you’re getting ready. It’s also a part of your home’s decor. Mirrors make a room look larger, so it’s a great way to make smaller spaces feel a little more open. If you’re setting up a wall with plenty of pictures, make sure to incorporate a mirror or two to break them up and vary what is on the wall.

3. Set Up Plants

Plants are a great way to freshen up the air in your home as well as add some lovely color to the decor. When you’re bringing plants from your old home or have bought new ones for the new home, it’s a good idea to get them set up quickly. They will need sunlight right away, so don’t leave them in a pile of boxes when you’re moving. It can take weeks to get everything unpacked, and you don’t want to leave your plants waiting until you can get to them — so make them a priority!

Getting a plant rack is a great way to not only set up your plants quickly, but also move them around the house while decorating. It’s an easy solution to taking care of your plants, especially while you are busy moving and unpacking.

4. Change Out the Light Fixtures

Getting new light fixtures in your new home is an easy way to personalize each room, and nowadays, many people are choosing modern light fixtures to update outdated decor quickly. There are a number of modern styles, defined by either straight, rigid lines or smooth, organic shapes, that can be chosen to go with your furniture and the aesthetic you want from each room. For example, most modern designs don’t put glass between you and the bulbs. If you have light fixtures with a lot of glass, they probably need to be updated.

While many types of lighting are easy to replace, some may require that you get an electrician. It’s a smart idea to get all of your new light fixtures and then call an electrician so that they can all be installed at the same time. Doing this early on can make the new place seem more like home while you’re still getting used to it. Light fixtures may be a small thing in the context of the entire room, but they can be that finishing touch for the style of the room as well as provide you with the amount of light you’re looking for.

5. Set Up the Internet and Your Home Entertainment System

Having working internet and a home entertainment system set up are important to getting back into your normal, everyday life after your move. Home audio and video systems are often what a living room is planned around. Depending on their size, you may want to set up your speakers first so that they’re in the optimal places for immersive sound before you arrange the furniture in the room.

You will also need the internet up and running to get streaming services working. When you have kids, it’s especially important to get the internet and the entertainment system working so that you can distract them with a TV show so they aren’t in your way while you’re setting up the home!

Make Your New Home Yours!

Getting all five of these tasks done when you get into your new home is a good way to start out your life in your new house. You’ll get some of the most important things done right away. After this, it’s up to you what to do – whether it be installing a balcony complete with glass balustrades, or a full loft conversion – we know that you’ll do a great job of making your new house a home!


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