13 June, 2024

What are anti-static products and how do they work in the workplace

Anti-static products are a way to keep your electronic components as well as your employees safe in the workplace. They are used in many different workplaces but the majority of the time you will see them being used in manufacturing and healthcare settings. Some other uses of anti-static products can be used in the home office too.

Some may see anti-static products as expensive but the majority of the time, it is often cheaper to install anti-static products than to replace broken electronic components. Sometimes static can put lives in danger too, so if this is the case cost needs to go out of the window and the needs of employees must come first.

What is ESD?

ESD or electrostatic discharge is when a sudden flow of electricity is released. You may have felt an ESD in the past when you have touched an item and felt a small shock. This small shock is harmless to humans but to electronic components, it can cause damage.  

ESD often happens where there is a lot of movements such as locations with a lot of footfall, or machinery. ESD can cause sparks and as a result, can cause fires and explosions. Therefore ESD should be taken seriously as it can be life-threatening.

Why take ESD seriously in business?

Apart from ESD can cause fires and explosions it more often causes damage to electrical components. Experts have estimated that over 30% of electrical component damage is caused by ESD.  

If you are a business that deals with small components then you will want to have anti-static measures in place. Not only will this protect your staff but it will also keep your company damages to a minimum and will also keep your business running profitably.

What can a company do to protect itself against ESD?

No methods are 100% going to keep static electricity away from your staff or devices but with that said you can minimise the risk significantly. Here are some of the best ways you can protect against ESD in the workplace.

Firstly you can invest in anti-static flooring or ESD flooring as it is more commonly known. You can also purchase anti-static rugs/mats too if you don’t need a whole floor.

Your employees can also use additional equipment such as anti-static wrist bands or heel straps. These small items are affordable and can be easily worn by anyone.

You can also use anti-static tools where necessary too.  

Anti-static products your business can use

By now you should have realised how dangerous ESD can be and because of this, there are many options out there for businesses to use to protect their staff and equipment.

As a business owner, you can purchase anti-static flooring, clothing, and straps. If you find that your staff are working too close together this can also create static electricity, in this case purchasing anti-static clothing is a good choice as it is an affordable solution to what could be a big problem. 

If you can’t afford to replace your company’s uniform you can use cheaper options such as anti-static sprays too. Anti-static sprays are an affordable way of reducing electrical charges on clothing.

Doing the above will minimise the risk of problems from ESD. With that said these methods can only minimise the risk and you should be vigilant at all times. Static electricity is often harmless to humans but can put lives in danger if the environment is dangerous, so always be cautious.


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