26 February, 2024

Why a cloud-based phone system for your business can easily accommodate its growth

Choosing a phone system can be complicated, especially when you have to think about installations and numbers of handsets, not to mention what happens if you move. There is also the added problem of having a phone system installed by people during a worldwide pandemic, which is not ideal.

The alternative to a traditional PBX is the cloud-based phone system. A cloud-based phone system is a solution which works via the internet, or ‘the cloud’. This means that your voice data is sent over the internet rather than over physical phone lines.

Cloud-based phone systems, like Cloud Phone Systems By Gamma, are complete business phone system with fixed and mobile capacities. They work through a hosted web portal or app, allowing you all the advantages of a normal phone system. One extra advantage they have over the traditional PBX, however, is that they can very easily accommodate your business’s growth. Here are a few ways they can do this.

Flexible Tariff

Cloud phones, when paired with the right business-oriented telephony company, can save you a lot of money on your phone bills. Your tariff can be based on your actual usage and can easily be upgraded or downgraded depending on how your business is operating.

Integrate with pre-existing infrastructure

You can very easily integrate a cloud-based phone system into the infrastructure your offices or your employees already have. As cloud-based phones work through a web portal mobile app, this means you can essentially turn any mobile into a separate work phone, and even make calls through your computers. You can also keep your existing numbers.

Geographically Flexible

As these systems work through the internet, this means that it doesn’t actually matter where in the world you are making your calls from. This means that you can easily upgrade your offices. Maybe you want to move to a nicer area, or to a bigger space, maybe you want to start outsourcing your customer services to a different country completely. A cloud-based phone system can be easily moved with you, and international calls can still appear as though they are being made from your offices.

 No need for physical maintenance or upgrades

Another added benefit of cloud-based phone systems is that if you decided to upgrade your tariff, your connection speed, or move to a different plan, there is no need for any workmen or physical installation. It is instant and all done online! This also means that if the network itself upgrades, this will be done instantly too, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

So, if you want a phone system that can grow and adapt alongside your business, why not invest in a cloud-based telephony solution. You can get exceptional quality of audio and business specific packages. You can allow your workforce to work from home easily during the pandemic and you can outsource your customer services if needed. You can even move to another country if the need arises! This is why a cloud-based phone system for your business can accommodate and adapt with your business’s growth.

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