25 May, 2024

Why Should I Add Blinds to My Bi-Folding Doors

If you have bi-fold doors with glass panes, you may be wondering why you would want blinds added to cover the beautiful view from your home. This article will explore the advantages of adding blinds to your bi-fold doors without removing the benefits of your already existing bi-folding doors.

Blocking Incoming Light

The most obvious advantage of adding blinds to your bi-folding doors is the blocking of incoming light to your room. If you have windows or a full pane of glass on your bi-folding doors you may experience the annoyance of unnecessary or distracting light coming from outside.

Whether it is a beam of light blinding your eyes or the glare of light on your TV ruining your favourite show, the addition of blinds will be a big relief from unwanted light. You don’t need to block all light as your choice of blinds can give you control over the amount of light you want to bring into your room.

Venetian blinds for your bi-folding doors allow you to adjust the intensity or angle of sunlight into the room whereas pleated blinds for bi-fold doors will let in a consistent intensity of light or none at all if you choose pleated blackout blinds for your bi-fold doors.

Increase Privacy

Another great benefit of blinds for your bi-folding doors is the increase in privacy it will bring to your home. Your bi-fold doors may be facing a street or main entrance to your home, so if you have glass panes on the door you will have reduced privacy to the outside world. This problem can be removed completely with the addition of blinds to your bi-folding doors. This means you can have the choice of when and how much people can see into your home through the bi-fold doors giving you the peace of mind that your home is private when you want it to be.

Maximise the Security of Your Home

An often overlooked feature of blinds is the extra security they can provide. A potential burglar or criminal who wants to break into a property want’s easy access which a glass bi-folding door may provide.

A thief would potentially look into your home to see if there are any valuables worth stealing, break the glass of your door and open the door to have a clear route to your precious belongings. The simple addition of blinds on your bi-folding door can block a criminal’s view into your house, keeping your valuables private. The blinds themselves, especially venetian blinds would make noise if a breaking did occur alerting any occupants.

The blinds on your bi-folding doors would also slow down any trespasser as they entered or left the house. With these barriers, a potential thief would be deterred from going anywhere near your home as the risks are too high.

Save on Energy Bills

As energy prices continue to rise, you may be looking for any potential way to save on your energy bills. In the winter months, blinds of your bi-fold doors will reduce some heat loss from your home by providing some insulation when fully closed. So with the addition of blinds you may find that your heating is not required as frequently. In the Summer months, your blinds for your bi-fold doors can block out some of the intense heat of the sun from coming into your home, saving some electricity if you usually need to rely on air conditioning or fans when it gets too warm.


In conclusion, there are many benefits of adding bi-fold door blinds to your home. The customisation available is large so you are sure to find a style to suit you and bring the advantages of blinds to your bi-fold doors.


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