23 April, 2024

Why There’s A Need For A Result-Based Marketing System

With so many different choices of marketing strategies out there, it’s impossible for entrepreneurs and business owners to choose one. So, they’re struggling to grow their business because there are now so many online and offline marketing options that this often means they fall into the “more is better” trap, attempting to implement a dozen strategies at once.

And what are the results they get for all their trouble?

  • Personal stress, frustration, burn-out
  • Wasted business time, money and resources

With their efforts split between so many social media, web design, blogging, video, promotions, networking strategies, etc., they can’t focus on one long enough to see results.

So what’s the answer?

The key is to stop this overload from happening is to create a results-based marketing action plan.

Unfortunately, most business owners avoid planning their marketing because of lack of time, knowledge or they think it’s too hard to put it all together. When what they really need to do to get on the right track to sustainable marketing success and expanding their business is by creating action plans and resources for themselves and their team to help them get planned results.

And they can do this by…

  • Auditing their current marketing situation to assess their marketing action that’s currently getting results and what isn’t
  • Focusing on their business purpose, goals and marketing strategy
  • Attracting the attention of their target audience
  • Getting leads from their potential customers
  • Nurturing these would-be prospects and also their current customers by building relationships through their reputation as an expert through various offline and online marketing tactics such as presentations, workshops, web pages, blogs, social media platforms, videos, photos and images, and personal stories.

Doing this is a challenge but the benefits of results-based Marketing outweigh the time and effort spent and can achieve dramatically better results, especially when their is a checking process for…

Evaluation And Review

This part of a results-based marketing programme is about evaluating, reviewing and challenging assumptions, learning from ongoing testing and measuring results and taking actions by questioning the brutal facts relating to:

  • What was put into action?
  • What was achieved?
  • What didn’t go to plan?
  • What stopped this from happening?
  • What are the next options?
  • What are the new opportunities open to us?

Achieving Sustainable Long-term Results

This final part of results-based marketing is actioned through incorporating a control process into the marketing planning process itself to demonstrate how customers have reacted to the results-based marketing system by:

  • Tracking revenue income against sales targets
  • Tracking expenses against budgets
  • Analysing customer feedback data to provide key information on successes and failures
  • Evaluating results-based marketing team roles
  • Refining the marketing plan by setting new future goals and metrics with action plans

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