18 July, 2024

Wi-Fi6 and It’s Benefits for Businesses Explained

With more and more businesses relying on the Internet to share information and day-to-day operations, it is now essential to have continued and optimal access to Wi-Fi. Even for those working at home, reliable Wi-Fi is necessary for working in the online world. 

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the sixth generation of Wi-Fi and offers the following:

  • Faster speeds: The sixth generation offers quicker browsing speed and quicker communication via messaging applications like email. 
  • Security: With 256-bit encryption algorithms, which are longer and more complex than the Wi-Fi 5 counterparts, the network is more challenging for hackers to breach. 
  • Reliability: Because they can connect with more users simultaneously, Wi-Fi 6 routers can deal with high traffic and large numbers of users more efficiently, reducing the likelihood of a crash or system reboot. 

All of these benefits are made possible by increasing the number of streams across the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to a new high of 12. With this increase, Wi-Fi 6 allows greater functionality and connection speed across all devices connected to the router. For any business reliant on online work, using Wi-Fi 6 is a surefire way to improve work efficiency across all devices. If your router is three or more years old, upgrading your Business Wi-Fi is worth considering. 

Improved Security and Stability

For any business looking for Managed Wi-Fi networks, should consider investing into Wif-Fi 6 for high bandwidths as well as faster upload and download speeds. Combining Wi-Fi 6 with a superfast broadband connection offers the most stable and efficient Wi-Fi connection available at present. 

The most pronounced security improvement when using this generation of Wi-Fi is increased password security. This improved security results from implementing the Dragon Key Exchange system, also known as the Simultaneous Authentication of equals. This protocol is particularly resistant to active, passive and online dictionary attacks as well as offline brute force attacks. 

Wi-Fi 6 improves on the current standard of WPA2, and best of all, it doesn’t affect user experience. In addition, upgrading any Managed Wi-Fi across a building to Wi-fi 6, adds a much-needed layer of security protecting the network.

Protection decreases with each additional user connected to the network, so investing in security is necessary for any large business handling a considerable amount of sensitive data.  

Connecting to More Devices

Though you may at present have a high-end Wi-Fi 5 router, which accommodates dozens of different devices, it is essential to know that on this type of router, devices cannot connect to each other. The upgraded Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for business WiFi solutions, allowing connections between 8 different devices simultaneously, compared to Wi-Fi 5’s 4. This improvement will result in:

  • Reduced Buffering: Zoom calls and other video chats are less likely to suffer because of this ability to connect between a more significant number of devices. 
  • Higher Quality Streaming: Any video or audio streamed will be better quality during busier periods of the day. 
  • Quicker Communication Time: The speed of receiving and sending messages will increase significantly, meaning businesses can get more done during busier periods. 

For any Office Wi-Fi with many users, allowing more connection between devices will create a noticeable speed improvement. The difference in speed will be especially noticeable for businesses that go through busier spells in the year when many users are on the same network. Wi-Fi 6 routers handle high workloads and large numbers of employees much better. 

Reduced Power Consumption

Using Wi-Fi 6 improves battery life on all devices using “wake-time targets,” which creates the most intelligent decisions on when to send and receive data. This not only means that day-to-day tasks can be performed with less stoppage due to devices running out of charge, but it also means that your business will spend less on their utility bill charging through mains electricity. For any business looking to become more environmentally friendly, upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 is an overlooked option. 

Final Thoughts

Since its release in 2019, Wi-Fi 6 has provided a reliable and efficient network for businesses with large amounts of online users. With its ability to simultaneously support users, and improved accessibility, Wi-Fi 6 is becoming the new gold standard for industry leaders who prioritise online working. With help from Managed Wi-Fi experts install yourself a Wi-Fi 6 router to optimise day to day work. 

Especially in the present times when so many business operations are reliant on the Internet, and with more companies encouraging at-home working, Wi-Fi 6 routers could prove themselves instrumental to the success of various online workspaces. 

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