24 June, 2024

Will You End Up Working From Home For Ever?

That’s the big question on many people’s mind. And another… Is London’s centre office space being left empty for good?

First it was the British sector of Google who’s 4,500 employees were told that they could work from home and didn’t have to return to the office until July 2021. Then came NatWest who said that their 50,000 could stay at home until 2021.

Now Schroders, a leading City institution founded in 1804 and thereafter continued to grow into a big investment bank that finances trade globally before being sold to Citibank in 2000, has told it’s 5,000 staff worldwide that there is no need for them to come into work for a certain number of days each week. This flexible working approach means staff can work from anywhere they want as long as they fulfil their contractual obligations, especially for helping customers.

Which raises another important question… Has the covid-19 pandemic changed society and the way we work forever, and how will it affect our lives?

Because not everyone is happy with the working away from the office agreements. The government won’t be too pleased when it’s attempting to get the economy back on its feet by restoring normal office life and therefore stimulating business surrounding these large city complexes. Which means that the companies providing employees with food and day-to-day necessities are struggling to stay open when large areas of empty office space amounting to short-term damage to businesses, not just in London, but other city centres.

And does this mean that banks are using the opportunity for flexible working to enable them to cut back on the tradition opening hours when they service business?

Another question being raised is how people are actually coping with home working. For instance, are women who are working from home especially being over-burdened with looking after their out of school children and doing household chores at the same time as juggling their work?

Society as we know is has changed forever in the last 6 months and we may have to brace ourselves to figure out how we work from home forever.

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