13 June, 2024

5 reasons why woven ties are an essential wardrobe item

Our woven ties can often prove to be the perfect finishing touch when you are getting dressed for any sort of social event, whether it is formal or casual. It is an incredibly versatile accessory that makes you look and feel good as you head out of the door. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why woven ties are a wardrobe essential.

Add a touch of flair to any outfit

One of the first things to say about woven ties is that you don’t have to worry about dress rules with this wardrobe staple. With the right woven tie, you can smarten up a casual outfit and add a subtle touch of class to your look. Alternatively, if you want to make a formal outfit more casual, a woven tie is a great option.

Whether you decide to wear a woven tie to add a bit of personality to your traditional office wear or to complement a formal shirt, it ticks both boxes.

All sizes and shapes catered for

It is always a good style decision to choose a knit and tie size that is best suited to your body. A woven tie manages to look equally as good, whatever shape or size you happen to be. Without getting too technical, the average width and linear shape of your woven tie will look in proportion for any body type.

Sophisticated and subtle

Savvy gentlemen who have a good understanding of what it takes to stand out from the crowd understand that wearing a woven tie allows you the opportunity to make a subtle but sophisticated fashion statement.

It is also well worth reiterating how versatile these ties are, as they offer almost limitless outfit possibilities. A woven tie can be worn with different styles of coats and jackets and can dial down the formality of an outfit with its relaxed design.

Limitless colour options

You can choose from a wide range of colour options when you’re shopping for a woven tie, so you’ll be able to find one that is perfect for a formal dark suit or any business attire that you like to wear, as well as your favourite casual shirts.

Achieving the right look

As well as picking the right woven tie for every formal or informal occasion, there are a couple of other factors that you need to consider to pull off the look to perfection.

A smaller knot or simple knot can often help your tie to look its best, and choosing the right collar to showcase your tie is also a good style trick.

You will probably find that a straight or button-down collar works best and a cutaway collar might not work so well, but you can experiment with your own combinations to see what you are happiest with.

Adding a collection of woven ties to your wardrobe will give you the opportunity to create unique and sophisticated looks for any occasion, no matter what your personal style may be.

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