24 June, 2024
improving online marketing strategy

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy (Part 1)

Your Website

There is a big difference between just having a website and having a successful one.Having a website that works for you comes down to two things: making sure you get the attention of people visiting your website and then keeping them interested and engaged; and secondly, the attention and time you spend to monitor and update your site with interesting information educational tips, news and easy to use processes when people purchase your product and service.


Forums are a great way to find members of your target market in places where they hang out and post comments and messages and join in discussion topics that are relevant to your own products and services. This is a chance to help and benefit others and build up your expertise and reputation by answering questions and sharing information. Just remember that people interacting on forums will expect you to support them first, before you can expect them to engage and move along your buying journey.

Blog Posts

When wring blog posts you need to think about and scope out your content with your customer in mind about what’s going to engage them, attract their interest with great blog headline, fascinate them with some new content ideas and opportunities, and lead them to take action. Be creative and present relevant facts to who you are. Most of all, ask questions that get your audience to interact with you, develop relationships and get them to leave you comments. You can also get others to write for you and influencers in your industry to write guest blogs.


Podcasts have recently exploded onto the online scene and are becoming an incredibly popular. Podcasts are an easy and fast method to help customers learn about you and your business and you can end by encouraging listeners to go and find out more about your product and service offers.


Powerful visual images really stand out and draw people’s attention to your content. So spend time and effort on creating visual posts such as great image covers, event posters, thumbnails, banners, collages, mood boards, backgrounds, cartoons, infographics, gifs and memes. By doing this you will benefit the rewards of getting people to ‘stick’ on your pages and develop a reputation of the place to go for interesting info, education and fun.

Business Talk

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