25 May, 2024

Why A New Pond Is This Summer’s Garden Improvement Status Symbol

Lots of British celebrities seem to be building new ponds this summer or at least applying for planning permission to have one built. So, what’s going on?

Ed Sheeran was reported to have built his four hundred square metre pond in 2018 to support the conservation of nature and the environment as well as providing drinking water for birds. The Beckhams have had their planning permission for a three thousand square foot pond granted. That’s the size of half of a football pitch. Bob Geldof has just announced that he wants to build a 40 metre freshwater pond with a wildlife haven in his paddock.

Bob Geldof has said that he wants to “reverse a century of pond loss” in the country in order to attempt to get back all the natural habitats that have been damaged or lost by pollution.

Others are perhaps following environmentalists by creating pond-based habitats for all the species driven out of the small ponds that have either been filled in during house building and other development or that have simply dried up because of lower rainfall, diversion of their source of water, or climate change in general.

So who else will follow this trend? Watch this space…

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