25 May, 2024

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation on Facebook 👍

During the second part of 2019, Facebook reported almost 1.58 billion daily active users. As the largest social media traffic site, Facebook has become a marketing powerhouse for all the businesses who use it to get prospective customer leads. In fact, there are very few businesses that can now ignore Facebook as a way of reaching potential customers. 

Which means that one of the most effective ways for you to put Facebook to work for your business is to use it to generate customer leads. Lead generation, your marketing strategy to attract new customers, can be unpredictable, especially if you don’t track and test results, and also time-consuming, but the benefit for lead generation is that, if you get it right, it can be relatively inexpensive. In other words, if you do a good job of creating valuable and shareable content, it can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to growing your business online though the social medium of Facebook.

The bottom line is, that Facebook can be an extremely easy and powerful way to generate customer leads if you know how to make proper use of it. And with that in mind, here are 6 key ideas you can use to turn your Facebook posts into lead generation tools…

  1. You post a direct link to your landing page: There’s nothing wrong with keeping your actions simple. If you’ve got a great looking landing page, you should use a graphic from this page and post it with a lead-in that promotes exactly what you have to offer your prospective clients. By doing this action right, you’ll be surprised by how many leads you are able to generate with this strategy.
  2. Because Facebook’s algorithms are changing all the time, you need to watch out for this on Facebook. One change has been that videos are given preferred status and can generate 135% greater ‘organic’ i.e. non-paid for reach, than your photos or other content you post. So, instead of just posting a link, try embedding a video instead. If you’ve already placed a video onto your landing page, then you can use that, and it’s a great idea for you to consider creating a unique video just for your Facebook users.
  3. You Go Live on Facebook: If you haven’t tried Facebook’s new live video option, there’s no sooner time to start than now! That’s because ‘Live Videos’ are ‘trending’ and therefore tend to get a great deal more engagement. In fact, Facebook’s initial trial run revealed that ‘live videos’ actually got approximately 10 times more comments that other regular videos. And another benefit of ‘live video’ is that Facebook views them as spontaneous and therefore, socially engaging. And these aren’t expensive to make as you can shoot a live video yourself and you don’t have to worry about scripting it because as it’s better for it to be seen as you are being your natural self. You can then ask for specific comments and questions from your viewers, which makes it a great way to keep people engaged and interested in you.
  4. You take advantage of the new Facebook “Call to Action” …the CTA button. This is really important because you can now include a “call to action” right at the top of your Facebook page, situated just underneath your cover photo. Many businesses are now using this ‘CTA’ and finding that it helps them with their lead generation strategy by making it very easy for new followers to respond to their CTA. So, go try it out!
  5. You pin your promotional posts to the top of your ‘Timeline’. This is a free and extremely simple strategy that you can use with the aim to make sure your lead generation posts don’t get lost in Facebook when you post your new content. Obviously, every post you create and put up can’t always be a direct promotion, however, you can regularly choose the “Pin this Post” option in order to keep your lead generation visible as many times as possible. Which means it’s a good idea to update your ‘pins’ often so that people don’t get sick of seeing the same one there over time.
  6. You ask for feedback: Consider how you’re promoting your product offer carefully and ask people for their opinions. One way to do this is to offer a free product and service trial or a sample. You do this by posting you ‘offer’ on Facebook by linking it to your landing page, and you ask people to comment on what you have offered and to ask questions or give their opinions about what they experience and feel about your offer.

Use these 6 key ideas to generate more customer leads and always remember… You will get more success by continually checking and testing your results and attempting to improve on and better your best outcomes.

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