14 July, 2024

Super-Luxury Hotel Offers New $50,000 A Night Suite

Can you guess where this stand-out new luxury hotel is?

Of course, it is bound to be in a world-class city. But which one? Which city needs a new super-luxury $50,000 a night suite…

Because in any of the world’s biggest cities, it takes quite a lot of additional luxury to stand out from the crowded hotel market.

This hotel manages that feat by its latest offering: a 4,200 square foot suite with panoramic views over the skyline of the city through its stunning full-length floor-to-ceiling windows. It accommodates 3 roomy bedrooms, a chef-standard kitchen, and a palatial-sized sitting room. That means in can sleep 6 people.

One of these 3 bedrooms is elegantly furnished to include a chaise lounge, massive luxurious bed, and the piece-de-resistance is a vintage-style telescope to get the best views above and below the inspiring city skyline.

The stunning glass-enclosed fireplaces may give a hint to where in the world this new hotel is or isn’t located.

Have you guessed yet?

Well here’s what you can see from the $50,000 a night suite without even looking through the telescope – Central Park. So, of course that means it’s Park Hyatt’s newest offering in New York. Which other world cities could boast that level of $50,000 a night super-luxury? Quite a few… and that says something about the continuing demand for world-class hotel accommodation.

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