18 July, 2024

8 steps to raising debt easily for a property development deal



To secure funding and capital, property developers and builders must present a property development deal to potential investors and lenders. Therefore, the need of the hour is structuring and presenting a risk-free profitable deal that will allow efficient and seamless debt lending at low costs. 

 Sqft Capital is a platform that has been specially curated for UK property developers and builders to secure finances for their upcoming projects and developments. The key to securing a good deal is presentation. Clients looking for property development finance, be it debt finance or equity finance, can use the Sqft Capital modelling tool to financially engineer their deal to allow better presentation and easy lending at lower costs. 

 These are eight simple steps that every property developer and builder should follow to secure a loan or investment for their upcoming development projects. 

 The first is the presentation. The presentation must be so immaculate and precise that the potential investor or lender can understand the project within seconds. Secondly, the deal should have clear headlines and sub-points which explain the how’s and why’s. Next, the numerical appraisal should be mentioned very clearly in a readable font. 

 Fourth, it is essential to provide important information about the site and the upcoming development. Next, adding some pictures, plans and visuals is an excellent way to show a clear picture. Sixth, the builder and or developer need to showcase their experience to gain trust. 

 Number seven, the appraisal needs to have precise details of the deal, right down to the last detail. And lastly, make sure to consider potential downsides with realistic costs and profit ratios. 

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