24 June, 2024

A Keto diet to reduce your body weight and improve your cardiovascular health

Professor Nikolaos Tzenios, from TRC GEN+, may just have discovered the basis for the next health revolution. By consuming healthy fat, we can unlock the door to reduced body mass and optimize cardiovascular health.

A clinical study from the organization, KGK Science, based in Canada, backs up these new claims from Professor Tzenios. The study demonstrates high-quality research around the effect of the ‘Keto’ diet on the health of the cardiovascular system, via an open-label clinic trial.

Information about the clinical trial can be found here:


The study from KGK Science, Canada, took a group of healthy male and female volunteers and studied their LDL cholesterol levels for a time period of 140 days. This focus group were chosen based on the predisposition of mildly elevated levels of LDL cholesterol.

KGK Science discovered that the focus group experienced an overall 4.41% decrease in body fat percentage over the duration of 140 days when following Prof. Nic’s Keto Diet. During the trial, the overall bodyweight of the participants significantly decreased by 8.55 kg.

Over 140 days, the study group showed an overall drop in total cholesterol. The blood LDL cholesterol levels significantly dropped across the board, yet participants experienced an increase in HDL cholesterol levels (the “healthy cholesterol”). This effect was accompanied by a general decrease in blood sugar levels amongst the participants.

The results found in this study at KGK Science, Canada, suggest that Nic’s Keto diet is effective and efficient in lowering LDL cholesterol, decreasing blood sugar levels and overall improving cardiovascular health.

Michael Alan


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