20 July, 2024

Popular Designs for Temporary Buildings in 2021

Reputable and high-quality temporary buildings have innovative designs to suit the needs of different users. Through research and the implementation of technology, the designs are applied to create strong and long-lasting temporary buildings. So, whether you plan to rent or buy a temporary structure for your factory, showroom business, farm, or any other business, there is something for you.

One of the biggest perks of using temporary buildings is that they are fast and easy to set up as well as cost-effective. When you need them for a short period, you can hire them from a reliable supplier. But if you need to use them for a longer period, you can either buy modular structures or order custom-made ones. That said, let us dive into the popular designs you can have in 2021.

Industrial Fabric Tents as Temporary Buildings

Do you need a showroom structure, farm store, indoor sports structure, trade fair exhibition, or a construction site structure? Industrial fabric tents are the ideal temporary buildings for these needs. They are made of strong aluminum or steel frames and covered with canvas or PVC fabric.

These temporary structures are waterproof and hardly need any other maintenance such as painting. However, they are useful if the user does not require any fire rating.

These structures are cost-effective because both the fabric and the frames have a lower cost compared to other designs. According to temporary structure experts, they are also very fast to install as well as move from one place to another. Lastly, these structures are available for hire if you only need one for a short time.

Steel Interim and Temporary Buildings

Some temporary structures are designed to last for an average of 7 years; hence, they are made of insulated steel roofs and wall panels made of steel cladding panels. These temporary buildings are called interim structures. However, they are easily relocatable, so there is nothing to worry about if your company needs to move or expand.

Steel interim or temporary structures are strong enough to hold up for years with little maintenance. This is why they are useful for manufacturing businesses, warehouses, or showrooms because they will protect the machines or goods inside. They provide temperature regulation through insulation and ventilation. Additionally, they have met fire standards.

To get the best interim and temporary buildings that will not disappoint you, it is recommended to engage an experienced temporary solution provider. Smart-Space is one of the best temporary building suppliers in the UK and Ireland. So, talk to them, and if you are not from this region, you can engage any other expert in your area.

Permanent Steel-Framed Structures

Although they are called permanent, these structures are often categorized with temporary structures because they are not made of brick and mortar. They have become popular industrial structures for factories, warehouses, and many other purposes. Their components are still screwed into place, which means they can be relocated without causing damage to the frames or the panels.

If you are planning to have these structures installed for your company, you can either choose bespoke options or go for prefabricated structures that have a standard size. However, experts say that these structures require detailed project planning since they are for long-term use.

These structures have numerous benefits. They are waterproof, require little or no maintenance, are secure, and meet building regulations including fire standards. Once you have installed these structures for your company, you are good to go for many years.


By now, you have seen different designs for temporary buildings in 2021. Choose ones that suit you depending on where you want to use them, preference, and budget. The good thing is that many temporary buildings can provide long-term use while saving money.

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