20 July, 2024

A Sustainable Approach to Direct Mailing Campaigns

Direct mailing campaigns are an effective marketing strategy. According to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), customers responded to 96% of direct mailing campaigns in 2020. This is a 5% rise from the previous year. The DMA also found that direct mailing campaigns can captivate a younger audience. In fact, Gen-Z consumers are 40% more likely to be persuaded by this material than older generations.

This article will explore how business owners can create an equally effective direct mailing campaign. Considering 30% of UK consumers chose brands based on their ethical considerations in 2021, this also has the possibility of attracting more custom in a growing market.

Utilising natural inks

The quality of printing is important to any direct mailing campaign. This is the best way to stand out from competitors and encourage consumers to choose your business. Quality is not exclusive from sustainability, and the highest quality digital printing can also be used alongside sustainable inks.

Sustainable inks are made of natural ingredients. This can come in many forms, including soy ink.  As well as being a natural alternative to oil-based inks, soy is four times more compostable than standard inks. If you’re eager to experiment with eco-inks, consider the benefits of vegetable oil and water-based inks.

Utilising natural inks is a great way for your business to create a direct mail campaign that is kinder to the environment, one drop of ink at a time. Although this small step can make a big difference, this is just the first step to being sustainable in your marketing approach.

Using sustainable products

In addition to sustainable inks, your business can consider sourcing sustainable materials. Then, the products you deliver will be conscious of the environment from the outset. This is one of the first methods business owners should adopt.

Consciously source paper

Paper is an integral part of any direct mailing campaign. To ensure your business is doing its part for the environment, you can use paper that is approved by that FSC. This means that the product has a forest management certification and is derived from a sustainable source.

Compostable plastics

In addition to paper, plastic is an important material in any direct shipping campaign. Whether this is a plastic film or bag, postal items are protected by plastics. Businesses can choose to use compostable plastics, including potato-based plastics. A great alternative to harmful plastics, these are made out of natural, compostable ingredients.

Recycling wasted materials

As well as sourcing sustainable products, business owners should prioritise recycling wasted materials. This includes a number of materials, from paper to plastics and cardboard boxes. In the UK, business owners or packaging producers are expected to recycle their own waste. The government has set a goal to actively recycle 83% of paper in 2022.

These are three ways you can be more sustainable in your direct mailing campaigns. As consumers strive to be more environmentally conscious, adopting these methods may encourage people to choose your business or products. In addition to attracting a wider market, your business will be creating a future greener than the one left behind. These simple steps can make huge leaps towards a carbon-neutral society. How will your direct mailing campaign be more sustainable?

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