20 July, 2024

Mike Collins Mortgage Broker says you shouldn’t sell your home privately. Here’s why.

You may think you can save loads of time and money by selling your home privately, rather than with an estate agent.

But Mike Collins – who has more than 17 years’ financial experience – says the stress isn’t worth it.

Here are some of the ways that an agent has the upper hand on a private seller.

They do it all the time

Estate agents are seasoned sellers. They do it all the time. And they buy properties daily. You won’t get a more accurate value of your home by attempting to sell yourself.

They spend hours compiling portfolios so they can share with potential sellers what they might be able to achieve for their home. And remember, the more you sell for, the more deposit you have for your onward property.

A poor judgement on a house price could have it sell too cheaply too quickly or be so expensive no one wants to touch it. Trust the experts as they will value your house fairly and competitively for today’s unstable market.

They show people round

Would you rather not be involved when showing people round the home you’re trying to sell?

If you have noisy neighbours or horrific parking as the main reasons for wanting to leave your home, you’ll need your best poker face on when potential buyers knock at the door.

Sell privately and you’ll be the one showing them round your home as well as answering any awkward questions from potential buyers.

An estate agent will ensure they focus on the great things about your home and the local amenity.

They know the documentation required

Take the guesswork out of a house sale by ensuring you have searches and all the relevant documents in place.

They can also speak to conveyancing solicitors to hurry things along if chains are at risk of being broken. Remember, they’ve handled thousands of sale s just like yours and will get you through the process without any cost mishaps.

They can advertise your home

There’s no point in telling your Facebook friends that your house is up for sale. You need the right audience to know.

Estate agents keep all the popular platforms updated to ensure your home is reaching the mobiles of people who are looking for a home like yours.

And what’s more they take some fab photographs to entice people to look round so you’re bound to have a queue of enquiries as soon as you sign that sale form.

They don’t have emotional attachment

You may think you’re reasonable, but how level-headed are you when it comes to keeping your calm with a potential seller when the boiler isn’t working? That’s a far piece of kit to replace on top of the price of a property.

Having an agent act as negotiator and address your concerns with the seller is a good way to save you getting emotional over the deal.

An agent can also adjust an offer accordingly if repairs aren’t in question, saving you money and more hassle.

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