5 March, 2024

Achieving High Performance Through Clarity of Focus

If you are going to set ambitious challenges in business and create change, then you need to decide to focus on these 3 areas of your work…

  1. Yourself
  2. Others, and
  3. Successes

That’s because you have got to have your own identity, you’ve got to build great relationships with others, and your interactions with other people will in turn lead to your success.

Focusing on these three areas in your work can create powerful breakthroughs in your business because, rather than just turning up each day based on past work experiences or what’s happened to you the day before, instead you will be consciously designing what you want to happen and how to change your experience and your business.

You see, real transformation comes about when you deliberately design events, expectations and behaviour rather than passively allowing things to just become the way they are. Which means the opposite is true – you won’t change yourself, your interactions with others or your business if you’re stuck and you don’t know where your sticking points are.

Real business change comes about when something new comes from within you and you allow something new to come into your work. And once you are aware of what prevents change, you can overcome the blockages. This in turn will free up your thinking so you can change your business and help the people working in the business to achieve success around your targets and goals.

By consciously designing who you and the business want to be and the behaviours and actions that lead towards achievement, this will give you real clarity which will give you real focus on what the important outcomes will be for success that you really want to achieve in your business. And this in turn will give you energy, rather than something that takes energy from you.

So, figure out your own success markers and work them. And remember that being aware of your own success markers will make you more successful and give you clarity to make choices and focus on being successful.

Once you’ve been successful and you know how you’ve been successful, then you can activate and repeat that success and do it again and again every day to transform your working life, how others around you work,  and you’ll change your business …and you’ll get amazing results and you’ll take people with you, build a great team, and you’ll become a high performer through clarity of focus.

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