25 May, 2024

Creating The Perfect Testimonial

Great customer testimonials provide social proof by showing prospective customers who you want to wok with in your business, the results that they can achieve after successfully using your products and services.

The perfect testimonial answers the precise desires and the specific needs that your prospective customers have in their mind and they can be in different formats such the written word, verbal (MP3) or visual tools like photographs and videos, that provide believable proof about your products and supporting services.

There are two types of important questions that your prospects are considering in their mind when purchasing. These are:

  • Do I want to move positively towards achieving a solution, or
  • Do I want to move away from and avoid this problem / pain that I’m currently having?

Which means there are three questions you have to answer in your prospects mind which are critical to producing a successful testimonial:

  1. Is it easy?
  2. Does it work?
  3. Can I (the customer) actually use it / will I perform better than I am currently doing?

And if your testimonials answer these three questions, that’s perfect, because you want would-be customers who are reading, listening to or watching your testimonial to think: “Yes, I get it. I can do that too!”

And remember this point… A testimonial is not the same as an endorsement from someone who is just saying nice things about you and your product and supporting service and attempting to ‘sell’ your product for you.

Instead, testimonials have to be a personal experience, and because of that, they need to be compelling and emotional personal stories that people can relate to.

To that end, they need to be structured with a beginning, middle and end. And they have to offer a solution to a problem, a challenge, or a frustration telling and showing the specific results that a prospective customer actually needs and wants.

The next important aspect of a great testimonials is that the person (your customer) giving the testimonial must be seen to be likeable and honest. So make sure the person giving the testimonial is enthusiastic, passionate, bond with your audience, and that they communicate the right level of energy that people will read about, listen to or watch on video.

Above all testimonials must provide a story about human interest and desires that others can identify with and then disclose the successful outcomes through valuable information snd content. And ending with how it changed their lives for the better is a perfect way to close your testimonial.

You see, it isn’t about the person telling the story and by doing that, they will then come across as being real and unscripted, as opposed to just acting out the part. That’s why great testimonials are not trying to sell anything… They’re just real people telling their personal story and using examples. Which is brilliant for using on all your social media sites.

Which means your customer giving your testimonial needs to be genuine, interesting and connect with your audience and their desires and their problems, pains and frustrations by relating to specific outcome results that they got.

Outcome results-based testimonials are the best ones to use because, if you can get someone to say that they bought your product and service and it helped them to do this, this and this and it totally changed my life / my business because now I’ve got this, this and this going on…

This is the ideal testimonial to have because people respond if they read about others which will provide you with the perfect promotional resource for you to use that can completely change your business.

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