22 April, 2024

Alfie Unveils His Jazz Club Gem in Soho

Alfie, the cat with a flair for jazz that has captivated Soho, is taking a significant leap by opening Alfie’s Private Members Jazz Club on Greek St this week. Known for his appearances alongside celebrities like Sir Michael Palin, Eddie Izzard, and Emma Thompson at The Piano Bar Soho, Alfie is now stepping into the limelight with his own establishment.

The club boasts a studio grand piano, a stage set for star performances, and the latest sound technology from Roland, positioning Alfie’s as the new jewel in Soho’s nightlife crown. Linked with the Union club, known for its artistic vibe, this venue is poised to become the hotspot for discovering London’s elite jazz talents, thanks to the efforts of Soho Live Studios, renowned for their prestigious label and the Soho Jazz Festival.

The much-anticipated opening night will feature a mesmerizing performance by Jazz FM’s Vocalist of the Year, Cherise, interpreting the club’s signature song “Alfie,” promising an evening filled with unforgettable music and anecdotes about the iconic Jazz Cat.

George Hudson, the impresario behind Soho’s vibrant scene and Alfie’s human partner, stated, “Alfie’s not just any cat; he’s embraced the Soho culture and whenever any of our stars pop by to film or record he can’t help but get involved. You can check out some encounters on his Instagram @sohojazzcat, when Stephen Fry was in, he fully understood it was about time he had his own bar! This new club is his legacy, a place where the past and present of jazz collide, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got lined up.”

The club is now taking bookings for its nightly live shows, with a special invitation to those who wish to immerse themselves in Soho’s music scene through membership, available for an annual fee of just £35.

The event schedule highlights include Alfie’s Jazz Jam, a weekly celebration of both new and seasoned artists, and The Night Train, a weekend special featuring cocktails and music.

Alfie’s decor, inspired by Soho’s iconic sixties era and blending vintage charm with modern art, currently features works by David Ferry, offers more than just a club experience; it’s a voyage through time with a martini in hand.

Situated on the first floor at 49 Greek St, Alfie’s invites you to a world where jazz is the reigning genre, led by a cat with a vision. For membership and ticket details, visit http://www.alfiessoho.com and become part of Soho’s latest folklore.

This isn’t merely a jazz club; it’s Alfie’s domain, where the music intimately connects, the cocktails are perfectly chilled, and the nights become legendary. Will you join the tale?


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