13 April, 2024

Are You Failing To Manage Numerous Distractions In Your Business Life?

Here’s the reason why this is a big problem in business today…

In today’s business environment we have a wide variety of media communication channels and social platforms which allow us to communicate more easily to both potential and our current customers. However, unfortunately they are also a double edged sword, in that they often become the main cause of distraction that we experience in our working life.

These distractions can come from unnecessary phone calls that keep ringing through to you, or a multitude of email notifications that flood into your inbox every day. Or you get constant posts and alerts from social media sites and app chat groups that interrupt your workflow and break your concentration and creative process. And all of these distractions prevent us from being 100 percent engaged in your tasks and job responsibilities.

Which means, if you really want to gain control of your working day and carry out your best work possible, it’s essential to know how to minimise these various distractions and manage interruptions effectively.

Which leads to the vital question: How do you cope with these distractions?

Well, for starters, you have to make a decision which notifications you actually need and which ones to turn off, so you can concentrate on your job role. Decide which ones are really necessary to be seen and used, which ones can be delegated and which ones can be deleted.

Secondly, by managing your time efficiently you can schedule into your daily routine certain times of the day when you can email or take and make phone calls to free up your time from interruptions so you become more productive with your tasks to get the results your responsible for.

Thirdly, you can calculate and then minimise the time you spend on things that come up that don’t actually have much impact on your work. And clear away all of that clutter and paperwork on your desk and install good physical and electronic filing systems.

Finally, to avoid having distraction as a major time problem at work, constantly ask yourself these two questions:

How much time do I actually spend being inefficient (doing things right) with my work tasks and targets?

How much time do I need to set aside each day to deal with communications that interrupt by work load in order to become more effective (doing the right things at the right time) to get the outcomes I need to achieve for my business tasks and responsibilities?

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