22 April, 2024

Is It Still A Good Idea To Use Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Get Attention For Your Business?

In our busy world we’re now faced with, not just TV and street advertisements, but a multitude of online media channels, social platforms and mobile apps whereby we are all inundated with a massive hit of marketing messages.

Which begs the question: How can you cut above all of this advertising noise and get your business message to your market?

It turns out, that the emergence of ‘new media’ online has led marketers to think outside the box and develop bold, creative new and trending ideas for getting their business marketing messages in front of the masses. The once fashionable business buzzwords… “Guerrilla Marketing” has made a strong comeback in marketing plans.

What actually is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a term that stands for unusual and conventional marketing tactics that are intended to achieve maximum attention and results, sometimes will little cost which makes this form of marketing a good alternative for smaller sized businesses who are operating on a much lower affordable marketing budget than the big established corporates with huge advertising campaigns and the related costs. But what is interesting is how a small business scan leverage advertising through its marketing creativity.

What are the risks of Guerrilla Marketing

There are risks however, to guerrilla marketing because some unconventional advertising approaches aren’t always suitable for every market niches or industries. That’s because a big part of guerrilla marketing is to add a surprise element, ruffle feathers, and shake the status quo up bit. So, for instance, in some markets where health, safeguarding, security are issues, or in regulated industries such as financial planning and insurance, it’s not such a good idea to step outside the norm. Instead of attempting to destabilise the current marketing thinking, it’s better to show and convey you business trustworthy and compliant.

However, for a lot of businesses, especially retail and new online trends, it’s a great way to get attention, arose curiosity and get people interested in your product and service offers.

What are the benefits of using Guerrilla Marketing Tactics?

On the upside, there is no one size fits all formula for guerrilla marketing since. That’s because guerrilla marketing flourishes from imagination and creativity. This can be seen such marketing as adverts that are optical illusions, urban art, and comical videos and magic tricks that surprise through the unexpected results. Other methods include innovative ways to use everyday objects like post-it notes or people dressed in branded merchandise in public places.

For the smaller budget, you can produce flyers that are in an interesting shape and eye catching, humorous comic strips and stickers and creative business cards made from different materials and standout wording styles.

Giving away free gifts and in vogue clothes and objects are often an ‘in’ part of guerrilla marketing tactics as an attention grabber and something worth holding onto to keep or share with friends and family, hence circulating your brand and product.

Finally, a common guerrilla marketing tactic is to throw a party inviting potential clients and getting your existing customers to spread the word and join in and have a good time, thus building relationships through referrals a crating strong connection with your business. You can even promote these events parties through your local media and free press releases each time you employ one of these guerrilla tactics.

Can we conclude that Guerrilla Marketing Tactics are still a good idea to use in order to get attention for your business?

On the face of it, it seems that guerrilla marketing still has a place to play in modern day business marketing tactics, especially with the growth of social media platforms, as long as they’re created with due care and for the right products and services in the right markets. The important point to remember is …the main emphasis when you’re going to take advantage of guerrilla marketing, is that your main business goal is not to insult, offend, or upset people and get bad online reviews, but to use the element of surprise to get people’s attention and then engage with them in a spirit of fun and entertainment.

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