24 June, 2024

Are You Marketing To Your Right Audience?

Your business only really exists to solve your customers’ problems. And if you can do that effectively and in a unique way, you’re more or less guaranteed to see your business grow. However, if you miss the mark for your target audience, you won’t see the business growth you want.

So how do you know if you’re marketing to the right people?

The basis of all good marketing is creating a customer avatar…

Because everything in your business needs to revolve around your customer, creating a customer avatar is really important. To create a customer avatar you need to draw up an exact description of a single person who is the ideal target for all of your marketing activities… The exact person who your product and service is the perfect match for.

And even if you’ve already identified your avatar, always remember that trends are continually moving and your avatar description is a work in progress. In addition, you have to keep looking at research trends and data, particularly online and on social media in order to  continually update your avatar to make sure you’re still marketing to the right people, at the right time, and through the right media in the right way.

Once you have a well-founded idea of who your avatar customer is, then match you product and service offer to help and support them to solve a specific problem or challenge.

Why your customer feedback is the key…

Getting good customer feedback is a key metric to let you know whether or not you are actually marketing to the right customers. Which means it’s important to keep lines of communication open with your customer audience and to make sure that you keep interacting with them, especially on your social media sites, to gain a good knowledge and understanding of how they view your company, your products and services, and also your competitors.

Some other ways to get feedback from your customers are by holding focus groups through webinars, running surveys, interacting on social media ‘groups’, and by reaching out and talking to your customers individually at key touch points in their journey with you. Because if you take the time to nature and listen to them, they’ll tell you exactly in their own words whether or not your products and services are a good match for them and the reasons why.

Some tips on targeting your customer markets…

If you have a variety of different offerings for different types of customer groups it will help if you segment your audience down into manageable groups. This way, you can create several types of customer avatars and the market your products and services appropriately to match their needs and desires.

If you are facing challenges because your avatar is too broad, the narrow each segment groups down to be more specific, even as far as down to focusing on one individual.

Next, you might be aiming at the right customer market but you’re using the wrong type of media to communicate with them. So research and find out how your audience likes to hang out online and invest some of your time getting to know them on their social media sites and groups. You can them start to build their confidence in you and your business and begin the marketing nurturing process through these media channels.

At the end of the day, its important to remember that your business can’t be all things to all people and instead of attempting to broadcast your message to everyone, focus your time, energy and resources on those specific customer who really need and want your product and service in specific tried and tested niche markets…

That way, you’ll be marketing to your right audience.

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