26 May, 2024

How To Create And Benefit From Great Customer Video Testimonials

When people see a solution that works for other people in a personal experience that they can relate to in some way, then they’re more motivated and more inclined to try it out and get the same results for themselves. That’s because, as social beings, we love to hear and read and watch a good story, especially when it has an outcome and a positive ending.

To that end, an effective testimonial video delivers the precise believable social proof that what you have to offer to your market actually works …by being able to demonstrate results through the eyes of a third party to show that anyone can use the exact same solution to get the outcomes which they too desire.

So what better than producing a video testimonial that potential customers can watch and see someone else hitting the results they want. And if these video testimonials come from ordinary people who provide genuine answers to these three questions that people are looking for…

  • Is this product and service easy to use to get the results I want?
  • Does this product and service actually work?
  • Can I actually use it?

After getting your first video testimonials for your business you will have the potential to collect more and begin changing your business in some really exciting ways.

That’s why video testimonials are a powerful marketing tools which can do wonders for your search engine rankings and provide you with the potential to give your business exposure online via your website and social media platforms.

The key to making great video testimonials is to set a relaxed pace with your customer who is providing you with their case study. So take your time and make them feel at ease. Nobody is expecting your customers to be movie stars, and neither yourself nor your customer should worry about being perfect as we all make mistakes, especially to start with. In fact, a certain amount of imperfection will actually work to your advantage as people watching the video will think its genuine and not performing for the camera!

Just do your best to make your customer comfortable and get them to speak directly to you by positioning yourself sitting or standing just behind the camera as though they’re chatting to their best friend. And you don’t need fancy equipment or video experience to get started. A simple SMART phone will do.

In Addition, never, ever get your customers to read from a script. It just doesn’t look good. It’s okay if they have a few notes for them to refer to while you’re creating the video as you can always stop and let them read the next paragraph before continuing. And keep the video short. Anything longer than a couple minutes is too long and viewers will switch off.

A good tip is to shoot your video in a quiet room away from interruptions, phones, children, pets, traffic noises, etc. And be careful that you don’t shoot your video with a light or window behind your customer. Instead, have them face the light, otherwise, the viewer will only see a silhouette, rather than a real person.

Lastly, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always reshoot or edit parts later.

And one last tip… It’s good practice to create genuine testimonials because customers will pleased to see the resulting video and will want to reward you back in some way i.e. show the video to friends, family and colleagues and then refer you to them and others when your product and service comes up in conversation.

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