26 May, 2024

Boost Your Authority By Engaging With Your Facebook Group Members In A Meaningful Way

Once you have started your Facebook Group and have members, you’ll then need to establish a regular routine for staying in touch with them, building your authority, and generating brand loyalty. Which means, you’ll need to set an editorial and promotional calendar, so your members will hear from you regularly, such as once a day.

However, communication is a two-way street and you’ll have to show that you value the engagement and the time that you’re getting from your members.

Each time you are on the group page you can do the following:

Post regularly: Post your content for the day and always attempt to vary it as much as possible. To help you, add a variety of visuals such as memes, images, photos, videos, and use Facebook “Polls”. Educational and good informational posts will help position you as an authority. And if you are going to post promotional material, give it a context related to current events, recent trends and a special offer. For example, you could post: “Some members have been asking about ‘ABC’, so I thought we would mention this ‘XYZ’ product/service to help out.”

Scan through the comments: Read what your members are commenting and monitor by deleting anything that’s really inappropriate, and reply to ones you think are useful, or which can help you demonstrate your expertise back to them. Remember that they will see you interacting with their content, and will be more likely to come back to engage with you again.

Encourage: Some members will post a lot more than others, so encourage them if their information is useful. And help those who don’t seem to get what they are talking about by showing them how to ask good questions and show respect to each other.

Add and approve members: If you have a closed private group, you need to manually invite, add and approve members, so check this part of the page often, or get moderators to help so that people who wish to join don’t have to wait for too long to gain access to your group.

Ban and remove members: At the same time, you will at some point, need to remove some unhelpful members because you don’t want spammers or disruptive members wrecking the group you are working so hard to build. Just don’t be too heavy-handed, but keep things polite and respectful.

Study your insights: Once you have a regular routine for managing your group, you should then set yourself up with a regular routine for studying your insights. These are metrics on the account which determine who your audience is and importantly, what content is proving to be most popular and leading to further engagement and followers. Also, check the days and times when you get the most group visits and try to plan to publish your content at that point in time.

Recycle your best content: You will need to publish content regularly when you’re first starting out with a new group. However, over time, your group will grow, so use your research into your insights to see which content gets the most response. Then you can publish the best ones again in the future in a few months’ time. You can also create seasonal, holiday-related content and even a social calendar for “National Days” during the year. And once again, at the end of a certain period, evaluate which content received the most engagement and file those posts away for using next year. In addition use ‘evergreen’ content, which will live on and won’t go out of date too quickly such as a post titled: “The 3 ways to get more people to visit and stay on your website”.

Show your expertise: When you are crafting your group content, make sure you come over a real to life by conveying to your audience how you are an expert in your field, rather than showing up as just creating “look at me” content, or posting content just for the sake of it. Give real life examples, and what you learned from them and be helpful and willing to interact with people, such as by calling them out by name if you have a piece of content you think other members could really use to help them.

Make your content fun and interesting: Facebook Groups are places where people want to  socialise, mingle and get help, so there are times when you have to step away from your business goals and just have fun and post and seek amusing content from your followers such as their cutest pet or funny holiday photos. Figure out the types of content that your group likes to engage in and run contests, quiz and interesting surveys… Just make sure that posts are ‘funny’ and not disrespectful to anyone or politically incorrect.

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