18 July, 2024

Color Schemes That Enhance Your Home Exterior

It’s the first thing people see and sets the tone for the rest of your home, so make a good choice.

Choosing exterior colors for your home might be one of the most important design decisions you ever make since they have a significant role in its entire appearance and feel. 

However, there are a few ideas and strategies you may use to make the decision less difficult.

Red, White, And Black

Nothing explains classic like a white home with black trim and a bright red entrance. This combo will look fantastic with practically any style, from classic Georgian to more modern silhouettes.

The black roofing and garage door assist to pull the look together, while the lighter grey trim and downpipes give dimension.

White, Lemon, And Light Grey

Gray is a great neutral for the outside of a property. This delicate grey, in particular, offers the brightening impact of a traditional white without the startling starkness of an all-white exterior.

Using a bold white trim also makes the grey tone stand out. To add a splash of color to this neutral tone, use a bright door like this lemon yellow.

Pale Sage And Copper

Sage is a great option for the outside since it complements the surrounding vegetation and is a wonderful foil for the coppery overtones of stained wood. 

The sage hue of this little home is cheery and bright, while the wood porch ceiling and front door highlight the craftsman-style design

Take it a step further with copper gutters and downspouts that will eventually patina to gorgeous verdigris.

All Black And White Trim

Nothing like an all-black facade for a traditional saltbox home. Choosing white trim highlights the doors and windows for a high-contrast graphic effect. 

A black and white color scheme is a terrific approach to update a more classic design, but keep your climate in mind.

Avocado Green, Butter Yellow, And Russet

The color scheme of this buttery yellow home is inspired by the best singles of the 1970s. The pale yellow serves as an excellent backdrop for the rich russet red highlights, which complement the original brick. 

With a splash of avocado green for the trim, you’ve got a distinctive exterior with a lot of personalities. 

Show off the bright blue porch ceiling as well, a tried and tested method for discouraging bugs from constructing nests on it.

Greige, Red, And Cream

Greige is a popular hue because of its adaptability, combining the warmth of beige with the chilly overtones of a classic grey. 

For those searching for a pleasant neutral, it’s the best of all worlds. Combining it with a creamy trim highlights the warm undertones, while the red door and windows give individuality.

Pebble Gray And Cream

Pebble grey is a darker version of the traditional greige neutral tone, making it an excellent choice for a rich environment. 

Don’t be afraid to go deeper with your exterior colors, as richer neutrals don’t reveal wear and tear as easily as their fairer counterparts. Warmer greys complement natural stone components, as seen in this property.

Lilac And Cedar

While purple may not appear to be a probable selection, when utilized correctly, this chilly tone may be a terrific choice. 

The whimsical lilac siding is offset by the cedar shingles and wood door, which provide a warm contrast. 

The cooler grey roofing and purple landscape tones also assist to keep everything coherent and mature while still having a playful edge. If you need home siding services in Kansas City, you can get help from siding contractors in Kansas City.

White, Slate Grey, And Light Blue

If you like a basic white for your outside, contrast with your trim is a terrific approach to distinguish your home. 

The purple undertones of the slate grey enhance the architectural characteristics of the home while also providing a contemporary contrast. 

The light blue window frames lend a subtle two-tone touch that adds charm to the property.

Mustard, Lavender, And Brick Red

Mustard is a bright and cheery hue with a bit of a bite, as the name indicates. It’s a traditional mix when paired with brick red accents, or in this case, genuine red brick. 

The creamier trim complements the warmth of the other colors beautifully, but the lavender-colored porch adds a whimsical cool touch to add individuality.


Exterior paint is essentially your home’s protection from the elements, so it’s critical to choose paints that not only look great and have a great finish, but are also durable, practical, and formulated to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the winter, and baking UV light in the middle of summer.

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve put up a few ideas to help you think beyond the box!

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