24 June, 2024

Creative Ideas to Give a New Look to the Furniture of Your Choice

It is not always easy to buy new furniture, if you have either shifted or just planning to do so. Furniture is costly and made of fresh materials that it is difficult to choose. Mostly wood furniture is the first choice and if you really care for the greenhouse environment, you will definitely prefer to give a fresh look to the furniture rather than buying. The best part of wood furniture is that it can be stained, painted, gilded, and glued. Giving it a new shape is also easy as hand or cutting tools can carve it out. Pre-defined heating can help in bending or giving a new shape to a certain part or a piece. Unique patterns can give an unfamiliar look. Certain self-adhesive papers can be stuck on it to give a new look.

Let’s look at a few ideas to give an unfamiliar look to your home whether it is drawing room, living room or the bedroom.

Furniture of Your Choice @ the Drawing Room

  • Paint that room: Drawing room is a place where most of your guests will come and be seated. It may be the most commonplace for some official meetings. So it is important that paint of the room is nice and done in contrast with the existing furniture.
    • Paint: You can use various choices for the colour of the room. It is better to see a few themes and vision it for your room. You can use matte, oil, Enamel paint etc. depending on your budget and preference.
    • Wall Paper: Wallpapers are a fantastic idea when you are looking to give an unfamiliar look to your drawing room. They make wall papers from synthetic vinyl, cotton and polyester. They come in so many shades, colours, patterns and images that it is hard to decide. But if you have visualized the overall theme, you can easily choose from different available options.
  • The Sofa Set: A simple idea could get your Sofa Set refurbished by just covering up with a new cloth or synthetic polyester or leather cloth. You can save a lot on it by doing little research. You can get good cut pieces from a Sunday Market maybe to give it a fresh look.
    • The Centre Table: It is not a costly piece, so you can go for a change. You can get a range of items through utilizing online offers abigail ahern discount codes.
    • Glass Top: Nevertheless if you want to opt for repair of the current piece, either by replacing wooden top with a glass one, you can get it done easily.
    • Formica & Lamination sheet: Or may just simply changing the top wooden skin called the laminate sheet or Formica. In this again you will have hundreds of choices, but opt for it as per the overall theme.
    • Turn square into round: If it is a big square table, you can easily turn the square into a round table by just cutting the sides.
  • The Carpet: If you have to change it, you can opt for it. But there are a few hacks you can try to clean and give it an upgraded look. Simply get it dry cleaned from a professional, may give it a totally refurbished look.

Furniture of Your Choice for the Living Room

Living Room is a place where you may spend most of your time. Either you are watching T.V., having Coffee, lunch or dinner or maybe having a casual family chat. It also matters what type of furniture is available in your living room.

  • The Dinner Table with Chairs:  If the dining and living room is one, then your dinner table is definitely a part of it.  The advantage with the dinner table is that you can change the overall chairs and or the covering with a new foil cloth to make it the furniture of your choice. We can paint the existing chairs with a new colour, repaired or covered with a fancy cover.
  • Sideboard: This is a common and essential part of most living rooms. It can be varnished or repainted also. You can use self-adhesive synthetic papers with distinct patterns or design to give it a new look. The basic idea of course is based on the overall visualized theme.
  • The Resting Couch: If you have one of these, a silk cloth or a leather one replacement will give it a look of the century.
  • Area Rugs: The Area Rug is often round, rectangular or square piece in the centre or beside the dining table. This can easily be washed or even replaced, so that the living room gets a new appearance.

Furniture of your choice for the Bedroom

The Bed room set often comprises a bed, pair of side tables, a vanity table and a cupboard. As it is a complete set, you can opt for getting it varnished or repaired. Changing the colour of it will be quite hectic and burdensome. In this it is advisable to go for a complete change, if the budget permits but minor repairs or changes will definitely give it a new face.

The Overall Look

As elaborated above, the overall theme which is a mix and match of the contrast that you opt for will bring out your rooms into the limelight. The Curtains, the lights, the lamps, small hanging pictures, the clocks and of course the paint of each room will set the tone of your home. As they say: Easy said, hard done each change or repair will consume a good bit of your time. But we can dedicate time to it on a requirement basis or once in a blue moon. Though your home may not be the ultimate choice for all, but good and cozy for you. And the furniture of your choice is definitely the key ingredient in this business.



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