14 July, 2024

How to Design Work from Home Office in Your Living Room

People used to work from home before the global pandemic, but definitely not as many as now. Now that the times have changed and the corona virus is having major effects on the overall life and especially business, is negative. A fair amount of people started working from home and it is now a part of their daily life. What you’ll need in your office depends on the type of work you do. Both a small desk for your computer and a larger table or workspace for your artwork can be a must, if you’re a graphic artist. If you are a consultant, you may require additional space for file cabinets or an area set aside for meeting with clients. Home space may be required to turn into a photographer in-home studio or storage space for props and lighting equipment. For designing a work from home office, the first important factor is choosing the right place.

Choose Your Work Spot Properly

You can carve out a WFH home office space literally anywhere in your home. A living room can be a good depending on your family size. What you may need is a proper desk, a comfy chair, some storage and a lamp. Choose colours and materials that match with the rest of your deco for a chic look.  And yes, when ordering, don’t forget to use discount codes like best discount codes, so that you can save at a bulk ordering of all the required essentials for a Work from Home Office setup. Plan all the things that you would require for the perfect home office. Build the layout before buying the furniture and designing the room.


It is important to invest in an excellent quality chair it has to be ergonomic and comfortable. By ergonomic we mean a chair which has adjustable parts in it. Few benefits of having a nice and comfy office chair is less back strain, and it prevents any kind of discomfort. A good posture means productivity.

Office Desk

Look for the best shape for your office and pick also the size and the style of office desk legs can have a difference in how your office looks. Also, pick out the best option that will fit your requirements for its storage space. Maybe you need a lot of storage space, so select the best option that is available for your requirements.

Working Table

Your Working Table defines your work. But have a (350 cm x 250 cm) working table at least. So you have enough space to work on the number of files. The material is your choice but there are working tables which come along with drawers with lock and key. And yes, keep a lamp for that late night noting.


A couch may sound strange since it the office that you are building. But it is your living room that you are building your home office in. A couch does not do much for your office, but it is a part of your living room and it will give your office a unique look. And yes, you can relax just to take a quick minor break to recharge yourself.


Plants give a vibrant outlook to any place, whether home or office. If you want to remain motivated and work with dedication, putting a few plants around home will be a good idea. Different studies show plants reduces stress, improve productivity, can boost creativity and, of course, clean the air.

Motivational Quotes on the Walls

A great idea to keep you motivated and make your creativity up and running. “Concentrate all your thoughts on the work in hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus”. Wow, what a motivational quote by Alexander Graham Bell to let you keep working with concentration and dedication. So hang up a few and keep gazing.

Work from Home Office:  Other Essentials

So now let’s talk about the other things other than furniture;


If you are working from home, but depending on your work, need to choose the best internet connection whether you want a Dial up, DSL, Cable, Broadband or ISDN. All of it will depend on your working requirements or the job. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, may require heavy internet and files transfer.

TV Screen

You can use TV to watch important programs as part of your job. Let’s say you are doing freelancing for a daily newspaper or magazine. You need to remain updated all times. The TV can be used as a computer monitor also. All you need to do is connect them with an HDMI or DP cable. Kindly ensure that your TV is on the right input source, and your computer’s resolution is the same as your TV’s. And mind you, you can order best brands of TV through High Street tv discount codes to save on your overall office installation budget.


Don’t forget the printer, if it is a must. In many jobs, you may not require printing at home.  But if it is get the one as per your need.

Wrapping it up

All in all, the more you invest, the better can be your work from home office. Keeping in mind that the temporary office may one day be turned into a full fledge office, can be a part of the greater plan.

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