20 July, 2024

Detego Global Introduces Groundbreaking Xpress HashScan Mode for Enhanced Forensic Analysis

Detego Global, a frontrunner in the digital forensics, case management, and endpoint monitoring realm, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Xpress HashScan Mode. This new feature, integrated into Detego Global’s renowned Field Triage module, is set to revolutionise digital forensic triage by facilitating up to six times faster identification of crucial investigation data during both field and lab investigations.

Developed with input from seasoned military and law enforcement professionals, the Xpress HashScan Mode optimises the process of evidence discovery, enabling swift pinpointing of vital images and videos in a variety of cases, including Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), Indecent Images of Children (IIOC), human trafficking, and terrorism. This mode guarantees the preservation of forensic integrity while delivering unparalleled accuracy through the use of globally recognised hash sets like MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256.

Mike Bates, the company’s technical sales engineer in North America and an ex-senior law enforcement officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the new mode, stating, “this mode transforms investigations by enabling the immediate discovery of crucial evidence through a simple plug-and-play USB drive. It helps investigators narrow down the devices that need deeper examination, and empowers teams to speed up case resolution. I know, from my experience in law enforcement, that this capability is ideal for the ICAC, IIOC and CSAM investigations.”

Xpress HashScan Mode significantly enhances the capabilities of Detego Field Triage, known for its exceptional keyword and hash matching features, globally patented visual alert system, real-time automation and alerts, and rapid extraction of usernames and passwords.

Andy Lister, Managing Director at Detego Global, highlighted the critical role of such advancements in the ever-changing digital environment, “Investigators need every advantage they can get in the field and in the lab. The Xpress HashScan Mode addresses the demand for rapid insights from data on computers, laptops, servers and loose media. It enhances the efficiency and precision of investigations, even under the most time-sensitive and high-pressure conditions. This innovation is a testament to our commitment to working with professionals within the digital forensics and incident response space to create easy-to-use solutions that provide impactful insights.”

Field Triage is designed for flexibility and ease of use, offering customisable keyword and hash settings for a wide range of investigations. It also grants investigators access to key databases like the Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) and Project VIC, facilitating the identification of known ICAC, CSAM, and IIOC content.

Detego Global continues to evolve its solutions to keep pace with the dynamic digital landscape, ensuring minimal training needs and reducing skill fade among users, while addressing the growing digital device proliferation and the lagging expansion of digital forensic expertise.

The Xpress HashScan Mode represents just one element of Detego Global’s extensive roadmap aimed at equipping investigators across military, law enforcement, and corporate sectors with state-of-the-art tools to streamline investigations and hasten justice delivery.

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