13 April, 2024

Hello™ Achieves £4 Million in Funding to Transform Health and Wellness with Customised Tech Solutions

Hello™, an innovator in individualised health and wellness from Miami, is delighted to announce a triumphant £4 million self-raised pre-seed funding round. This significant financial milestone highlights the firm’s resolve to revolutionise the wellness and weight loss arena through state-of-the-art GLP-1 medication treatments and an AI-infused platform.

With this considerable financial backing, Hello™ is well-equipped to alter the weight management industry’s landscape. The firm’s novel approach marries cutting-edge medical science with individualised lifestyle adjustments, offering a personalised wellness journey for each user.

“Our mission statement at Hello™ is to redefine what it means to achieve wellness and weight loss. The confidence shown by our investors enables us to accelerate our mission, enhancing our capabilities to deliver personalized, effective, and science-backed weight loss solutions. We’re not just creating a product; we’re creating a movement towards a healthier future for everyone.”

Funds will be used to refine Hello’s proprietary technology further, grow its expert team, and widen its engagement with individuals seeking a scientific and personalised approach to weight loss. Hello™ aspires to offer more than weight loss remedies; it envisions facilitating a holistic lifestyle transformation.

In its initial invitation-only phase, Hello™ has already showcased the potency of its regimen, with countless US customers reporting substantial, sustainable weight loss. With the forthcoming public introduction, the company aims to impact a wider audience, promoting its innovative approach to wellness and weight loss more extensively.


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